Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Revision / Amendment in Recruitment Rules for the post of Postal Service Group B - FNPO Letter to Directorate

Revision / Amendment in Recruitment Rules for the post of Postal Service Group B - FNPO Letter to Directorate

We would like to draw your attention with regard to Draft Notification letter No 9-14/2010-SPG dtd.3-04-2019 wherein stipulated the eligibility criteria for the General line officials to appear for Group-B examination. We put on record this move indirectly snatches the chances for general line officials to enter the Group-B cadre. Hence we strongly feel about these new stipulations. Earlier the LSG officials with minimum service of Five years in that cadre were eligible whereas now it is only HSG II officials with four years of service in that cadre are eligible to appear for the examination. Many officials retire without getting even HSG II promotion as the minimum service to get HSG II is six years in LSG cadre. Being this is the position the number of officials eligible to compete is negligible.

Secondly there should not be common quota for general line and IP/ASP line. The quota for the general line is required to be earmarked for general line only allowing LSG officials to compete. If this is not done the general line cadre will not be possible to enter the Group-B cadre and the IP/ASP line will take away all the posts. Thus new eligibility criteria will mar the entry of the general line officials to the Group-B cadre in a two way. We therefore demand that the entire 25% is to be earmarked for General Line. This quota should not be truncated at any circumstances if it is done it will be injustice handed out to the general line. 

There is our proposal for merger of Postmaster Cadre with general line supervisory posts.

As the separate Postmaster cadre with 116 posts are created this cadre is required to be absorbed from the general line only. Like IPs, the officials clearing specified examination have entered the Postmaster cadre. Therefore it is not correct allowing the IP cadre to compete for these posts also. We therefore demand that the entire 116 posts, if the proposal of merger is accepted, ought to be reserved for general line only. 

Consequent on the direct recruitment of the IP cadre, it was assured that the quota for the Group-B absorption from the general line will be increased. This assurance has not so far found the light. The assurance has remained as assurance only. Therefore we demand to increase the percentage as assured immediately.

It is further to submit that the LSG officials should be allowed to appear for the Group B examination and the new stipulations are required to be withdrawn immediately.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely


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