Friday, 6 July 2018

Shortcut options in SAP

Shortcut options in SAP

I found short cuts option in SAP

It's useful in my view. I just want to share it to you all.

For example if we want to create short cut for zffv50 , first we have to go that window

Then click the up arrow icon, third from the right on the tool bar in SAP

One window will appear

We can find our user ID transaction type  menu pass word etc,  in it

In location field please select desktop

Click next

Then click finish

Short cut will be created. Next time by using this shortcut we can directly go to zffv50 menu.


If we feed our password while creating short cut,  it won't even ask again for password ever

This is very useful for one person to one computer usage

Like this we can have short cuts of other  menus which we use frequently

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