Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Register a Complaint using Service Desk Mobile Application

Register a Complaint using Service Desk Mobile Application

1) Open the DOP Service Desk Application from the Application Menu.

2) Enter the Employee ID and Password in the login screen and click the Login Button.

3) In the next screen, three options will appear.

Option 1 : Create Service Request
Select this option to request for a standard change of some type of service, software/hardware in order to access an IT service.

Option 2 : Create Incident
Select this option if the events are outside of normal operations.

Option 3 : Search Request/Incident Select this option to search about previously registered tickets.

4) After clicking create service request, in the next screen enter the phone number 
5) Enter the eMail ID 
6) Click the down arrow to the right of urgency field to select the Urgency Option. 

7) Select any one of the urgency option 1-When Possible or 2-Soon or 3-Quickly based on the urgency of the complaint. 

8.Click the right arrow to the right of the Request Area field to view the various areas.

9) Select the appropriate request area based on the complaint.

10) If SAP is selected (as shown in picture below), then select one appropriate area displayed below SAP

11) Host/Machine name is not compulsory.
12) To select a office, Type the first few letters of the office and wait for a few seconds until the office name is listed . 

13)Click on the office name which is required.

14) Type the WEG Code in the WEG Code field. (WEG Code can be obtained from the concerned Divisional Office).
15) Type the description of the complaint in the Request Description field.

16)Click on the paper clip attach symbol to the bottom left corner to attach any files if required.

17) Click the Submit button.

18) Ticket number will be displayed.


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