Monday, 15 January 2018

A Post Master worries... Attention!!!

A Post Master worries... Attention!!!

Is there is any solution to the following problems?

• Outdated Computers, Pirated Softwares and Non Certified Software Solutions.

• Old fashioned/No UPS & Generator or with less Backup and More problems.

• Finacle is not user friendly, Problems arises with Internet Connection, SIFY problem, Unstable speed and Downtime of Mccamish, Finacle server.

• Non functioning/Not availability of Passbook Printer

* Shortage of staff in every corner but all targets needs to achieved and all reports have to be submitted without any delay with most important priority.

* Leaves get reduced or rejected due to shortage of staff but 6 days a week without any rest while the Administration got only 5 days a week and more salary.

* No LRPA for deputation.

* Burdening the work of the leave/vacant place on the shoulders of the other staff/Himself if he is on leave.

* If a postman/gds applies for leave then an arrangement is there as a substitute. What arrangement do a PA got?

* In the name of "Mela", "FY Target", "Special Day", "Special Week" the administration threatens all the PA and GDS to achieve the target or force them to open self accounts for the schemes like (SB, RD, SSA, PMSBY, PMJJBY, APY, RPLI, PLI, GOLD BOND, PHILATELY), Revenue target pressure, Suffers with the Transactions like Western Union, IMO, MOBILE MONEY, POS SWIPE, FRANKING, e-Post, Premium Products.
DOP Finacle the greatest man-eater and user-enemy:

* Aadhar linking, Aadhar Mandate, Mobile no. seeding

* KYC Neuissance (It reqires minimum of 3 months for the signature & photo upload by the cpc to a CIF) While the private agencies done e-KYC using Aadhar within fraction of seconds.

* Dual (Role) login for a single handed PA/SPM 

* For "posted" transactions you cannot delete or modify and still you have to verify in the supervisor without any use. Also Reversal menu is not availble to the operator

* Cannot generate lot for ssa and the ssa default fee in the solution.

* Cannot view the unverified list for ccrc, cmrc modification/creation and atm issue.

* No Reports regarding the atm issue

* Non availability of Consolidated schemewise report.

* Difficulties facing with passbook printing. It would be easier if printing was initiated immediately after the transaction takes place.

* Certificate error, Runtime error, Time stamp error, Buffman error, Fatal error, Could not get response from server, timeout expired, retry the menu option, menu data cannot be fetched, undefined, true, cannot display the webpage etc.

Haven't you tired of this?

Higher authorities including Union secretaries may not be aware of these problems faced by an operator. Instead of settling these issues; All of them disguised themselves as a good ones to their superior and have the desire for selfish gain.


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