Periodical meeting of Non-federated Association's/Unions including AIASC (Gr. B) with the Hon'ble Secretary/D.G.Posts New Delhi held on 19.10.2023 - discussion & outcome

Agenda Point No. 1:- Declaring Supervisor Cadre as distinct category & recognition to AIASC (Gr. B)

Discussion: - As the matter is sub-judice, however the matter of AIASC (Gr. B) will be examined.

Agenda Point No. 2: - Considering HSG-I Cadre for DPC of PS Group-B & enhancement of quota for PS Group-B LDCE

Discussion: - The matter is under examination and afresh RR of PS Group-B will be issued accordingly.

Agenda Point No.3:- Conferring Gazetted status to HSG-I Cadre

Discussion:- It is advised to pursue the case logically.

Rest issues were also discussed off the records and it was advised to this association to pursue the issues logically.

Appeal to all HSG-II, HSG-I, HSG-I (NFG) to join AIASC (Gr. B) a non-federated association and make this association strong morally and financially.

Always in welfare of Postmaster/Supervisors Cadre

Fraternity yours,
(Narinder Pal)