Tuesday 3 October 2023

Darpan Android :: Key Notes

 Darpan Android :: Key Notes

 🔘 While opening the bag, each article should be scanned or typed whether the virtual data has come or not.  Articles sent from SO can be seen below if Virtual Data has arrived.  Red color tick mark will come against each article according to scanning.  On the same screen, under Product ID, select Received Stamp ID (this can be obtained from BO Slip), type the received number and click Add.  The cash received from the SO should be entered in the Amount Received field.  Finally click Save.

 🔘 Mobile number of Sender must be entered while booking any Articles (RL, SPEED, PARCEL, EMO).

 🔘 While booking Emo, any message must be selected

 🔘 Bag Close Booked, Redirected, Returned Articles can be found below.  But it has to be scanned or typed one by one above.

 🔘 Even if you forget to write the CBS Transaction ID, you can see it by looking at the Transaction Report.  (Including Ref number of new accounts)

 🔘 No need to do anything on BPM phone to get Cash in Cash Bag from SO.  The same procedure as was done earlier in the sub-office should be followed.

 🔘 If CBS/PLI transaction is not complete due to server issue;

  In CBS, take Transaction Status option, select Transaction Type, Fetch and Update.  Either Transaction Failed or Transaction Posted Successfully message will appear.  If failed, do the same transaction.  If successful, find the Transaction ID from the Daily Transaction Report and write it in the voucher.

 🔘 If it is PLI/RPLI, select Transaction Type in Transaction Update option and give Fetch.  Click on Fetch Status below.  If it is successful, you will see the receipt number.  In case of failure, do the same.  You can see the receipt number even if you select the Print Duplicate option in the Premium Collection option and type the policy number.

 🔘 Before Day End select IPPB option in Utilities tab and type today's Total IPPB Deposit Amount (IPPB, DLC, CELC etc) and Total IPPB Withdrawal Amount (IPPB, AEPS etc).  Type O if there is no IPPE transaction day.  (This is mandatory)

 🔘 Data Entry option is to enter CSC, Postage Due collected and UCR.

 🔘 Make sure Wallet Balance and Cash in Hand are equal before Day End.  Cash sent to SO should be entered in Generate BODA option after Day End.

 🔘 PLI/RPLI Default fee is not shown separately but Total Amount including Default fee is shown to be collected.


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