Saturday 24 December 2022

SG FNPO Met Chairman, DG Posts, Members Postal services Board, DDG & Directors on 20/12/2022 &21/12/2022 - outcome of the meeting.

 SG FNPO Met Chairman, DG Posts, Members Postal services Board, DDG & Directors on 20/12/2022 &21/12/2022 - outcome of the meeting. 

SG FNPO Met Chairman, DG Posts, Members Postal services Board, DDG & Directors on 20/12/2022 & 21/12/2022 - outcome of the meeting. 

20 th my self and our President FNPO met Secretary post and discussed some issues on 21 St FNPO  affiliated unions attended to the  periodical meeting with the Secretary Posts, DG (P), DDG(FS), DDG(Est.), DDG P, DDG(FS), DDG(Tech.), DDG(MB), DDG (P&SR), Director (SR) and other Directorate authorities.
Welcome remarks made by the DDG P and given PPT on various issues adopted by the Directorate for bringing the transperancy in staff welfare matters like Online Rule38, CRC, Recruitment, GDS Rule3 transfers . Further explained various intiations taken for smooth functioning of DOP. Hon'ble Secretary Posts  has in his remarks mentioned that by the end of June 23 nearly 50000 departmental vacancies going to filled and will result staff shortage issue. At the same time reminded about the United efforts by the admin, unions, staff for increasing revenue of the department also. DG posts conducted the meeting and agreed for almost all positive demands. 
On 22.12.22 also Sivaji Vasireddy GS NAPEc, RH Gupta Deputy GS, Prerit Org Secretary met Adl DG Buildings, Member P, DDG Tec, DDG P, DDG Estt, ADG GDS and discussed following issues. 
1. Discontinuation of SMR, ECB, other reports ... DG instructed to hold a committee and will take a suitable decision soon.
2. Discontinuation of impression of Date stamp in PBs ... For this demand DG and DDG FS assured to do same in phased manner and also apprised our union for bring such item.
3. Biometric login instead password to prevent misuse and frauds. Roll assignment also will be reviewd.
4. About the upgradation of single handed PO into multiple handed PO  demand also assured to take positive decision very soon keeping in view of need. 
5. Another option about switchover to 7th CPC... Order issued to AP will also be going to circulated to implement the same at all levels from the date of promotion. 
6. Non consideration of immunity for DS Saran Bihar, DS Dhule MH 
7. Non holding of periodical meetings at Rajastan circle.
8. Identification of all Accountant posts as LSG cadre. 
9. GDS Gratuity 5 lakh, Health insurance, Level 1 to Level 2 transfer facility, need of clear clarification about GDS substitute, 
10. By the end of March 23 all RICT devices will be replaced by new mobiles which will operate all transactions including IPPB.
11. Submitted a letter demanding grae marks for AAO LDCE exam candidates. 
12. Requested Adl DG Buildings for maintaining staff quarters and construction of buildings for POs in vacant sites. 
13. GDS Rule3 and departmental Rule 38 transfer will be finalised before 31.12.22 

14.Regarding the issue of non- acceptance of declanation of LSG officials of Bihar, The D.G Posts immediately instructed the concerned officer to issue a letter to CPMG Bihar for considering for acceptance of all genuine cases and give chance to the next eligible panel.
On 22.12.22 attended to NAPE Group C Delhi Circle CWC meeting. Sri Ashok Kumar PMG Delhi also attended as guest.


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