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Rotational transfer from sensitive postings CGHS Cities

 Rotational transfer from sensitive postings CGHS Cities

F.No. A-22012/01/2021 -CGHS-I

Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
(Directorate of CGHS)

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi,
Dated: 01-12-2022


Additional Director, CGHS, All cities

Subject : Reference CVC OM No. 22/10/22 dated 25.10.2022 regarding rotational transfer from sensitive postings – regarding.


I am directed to refer to CVC latest circular No. 22/10/22 dated 25.10.2022 and 03/09/13 dated 11.09.2013 regarding mandatory compliance of rotational transfer of officials from identified sensitive seats to non-sensitive seats without any exception ( copy enclosed).

In CGHS, the identification of sensitive seats have already been done, the same has been duly circulated to all AD,CGHS cities vide GHS OM No. 34-7/2016-CGHS/Estt(NG) dated 13.06.2016 and also as mentioned underpara 3(e) “Rotational transfer” covered in SoP issued vide OM No. A-22012/01/2021-CGHS-I dated 21.09.2021, circulated to all AD, CGHS Cities ( copies enclosed).

In the matter, it has been decided by the competent authority that Additional Directors of all CGHS cities may be issued directives to comply with above referred guidelines of CVC/DoPT and also existing instructions for rotational transfer of officers/officials from sensitive postings to non-sensitive postings. In view of this, all Additional Directors, CGHS cities are required to take immediate necessary action to transfer out all the officers/ officials/ clercical/ para medical staff dealing with sensitive posting as mentioned in the enclosed OM and SoP. This exercise to be done twice in a year in June and December month and compliance report ensuring the relieving from the particular post to be submitted by the end of June and December every year.

This issues with the approval of SS&DG, CGHS.

Manoj Kumar Verma
Under Secretary (CGHS-Admin)


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