Saturday 24 December 2022

GS AISBCEU Periodical meeting with DG(P) on 22/12/2022

 GS AISBCEU Periodical meeting with DG(P) on 22/12/2022

 Regarding today's (22/12/2022) meeting three of our agendas discussed in presence of DG(P). Regarding seniority issue DG after serious discussion with our Union thinking about all possibilities giving seniority from DOE . Union gave strong fight for seniority. letter from FNPO & BMS also came to our support.

Regarding increase in sanction post & establishment review it will be ordered to issue time factors for current work and do the rest accordingly.

Regarding disciplinary cases DG was very positive and ordered to hold VC with all DPSs regarding last year order's implementation and recirculate it to the benefit of SBCO employees.

It is assumed that Dept wants to judge the water before giving all clarifications.

Option can be submitted 31.12.2022 and clarification may be issued by tomorrow or before 31.12.2022 for taking decisions .

By such bureaucratic tactics of the Dept it has become very difficult for the employees to decide their future action.

Because without proper clarifications many things remains under dark. But they said clarifications of our 12th Dec meeting will be given. Rule 38 & records issue was also pointed out for consideration.

It will be better to wait upto Tuesday and then decide.

Members are requested to take their own decision.
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