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Incentive for acquiring fresh higher educational qualifications – Information document by DOPT

 Incentive for acquiring fresh higher educational qualifications – Information document by DOPT

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Estt (Pay-I) Section


Department of Personnel & Training has issued instructions from time to time regarding provisions governing grant of lump sum incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualifications by Government Servants. The essence of these instructions has been summarized in the following paras for guidance and better understanding.

I. General Criteria/guidelines

  1. The incentive will not be available for the qualifications which are laid down as essential or desirable qualifications in the recruitment rules for the post.
  2. No incentive shall be allowed for acquiring higher qualification purely on academic or literary subjects. The acquisition of the qualification should be directly related to the functions of the post held by him/her, or to the functions to be performed in the next higher post. There should be direct nexus between the functions of the post and the qualification acquired and that it should contribute to the efficiency of the government servant.
  3. The quantum of incentive will be uniform for all posts, irrespective of their classification or grade or the department.
  4. The incentive shall not be admissible where the government servant is sponsored by the government or he/she avails study leave for acquiring the qualification.
  5. The incentive would be given only for higher qualification acquired after induction into service.
  6. No incentive would be admissible if an appointment is made in relaxation of the educational No incentive would be admissible if employee acquires the requisite qualification for such appointment at a later date.
  7. The qualifications meriting grant of  incentive should be recognized by University Grants Commission, respective regulatory bodies like AICTE, Medical Council of India, set up by Central/State Government or recognized by the Government.
  8. The incentive shall be limited to maximum two times in an employee’s career, with a minimum gap of two years between successive grants.
  9. The Government servant should prefer the claim within six months from the date of acquisition of the higher qualification.


II Rates for Incentive admissible with effect from 01.07.2017

The following one-time lump-sum rates as incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification by a Government employee shall be permissible for courses in fields that are directly relevant to the employee’s job:

SI. No.


Amount (Rs)


Ph.D. or equivalent.



PG Degree/Diploma  of duration  more than  one year,  or equivalent.



PG Degree/Diploma of duration one year or less, or equivalent.

20 ,0001-


Degree/Diploma of duration more than three years, or equivalent.



Degree/Diploma    of    duration   three   years    or    less,   or equivalent.


III. Selection of Courses by Administration for Grant of Incentive

1.    Professional courses directly relevant to the functional requirement of the Ministry/Department/ Organization but not covered by any one of the categories mentioned above, shall be notified specifically by the concerned Ministry/ Department in consultation with their respective IFD.

2.    Ministries/Departments are free to choose courses on their  However,  the grant of incentive in respect of above qualifications will be subject to the fulfillment of the criteria laid down in Point I above.

IV Procedure for Grant of Incentive

The grant of incentive for the qualifications listed above shall be considered by the administrative authorities in consultation with their IFD and necessary orders shall be issued after ensuring that the criteria laid down in Point I above are fulfilled.

[DoPT’s OM No. 1/5/2017-Estt (Pay-I) dated 15/03/2019]

Note : List of the OMs mentioned in this document is annexed. In case any reference to the relevant OM is required, the same may be accessed from the Archive Section of Department of Personnel and Training’s website.


List of OMs mentioned in this Document

  1. DoPT’s OM No. 1/5/2017-Estt (Pay-I) dated 15/03/2019


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