Wednesday, 8 September 2021

SB and TD Claims by GDS BPMs

 SB and TD Claims by GDS BPMs

 POSB 1% on net accretion of not less than

Rs.500 excluding deposit made in March but including withdrawals of March.

Commission for net annual SB Deposits is 1% only vide Para 3(1) of Appendix VIII of POSB (CBS) Manual.

1Yr TD 0.5%

2/3Yrs TD - 1.0%

All BPMs can claim 1% SB commission which is going unclaimed. Since the roll out of CSI SAP, the amount can be easily cross checked.

1) Calculate Deposit from April to February in a financial year

2) Calculate Withdrawal from April to March in a Financial year.

The 1% of the net difference between 1 & 2 must be positive to claim the SB commission.

The Sanctioning Authority is concerned SPM & it is similar to the claiming of TD commission by BPMs.

The amount claimed by the BPMs can be easily cross checked in CSI SAP.


1) FAGLL03

2) The GL code for SB deposit is 8800100010

3) The GL Code for SB withdrawal is 4800100010

4) Use any one of the GL code first.

5) Give company code as DOPI

6) Fiscal year as 2019

7) Press Ctrl+F1

8) Give Profit Centre of BO concerned

9) Press Ctrl+S

10) Press F8

11) Then take the values as displayed, the month 1 indicates April and then 12 indicates March of a financial year.

5Yrs TD - 2.0%


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