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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 54 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 54 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 54 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 54



1.        Nature of investigation. Rule 167 Vol V

2.        Co-operation of Supervising Officer. Rule 168 Vol V

3.        Employment of Telegraph. Rule 169 Vol V

4.        Only Important cases to be reported. Rule 170 Vol V

5.        Disposal of cases by Postmaster. Rule 171 Vol V

6.        Criminal proceedings. Rule 172 Vol V

7.        Action to be taken respecting absconders. Rule 173 Vol V

8.        Limit of Superintendent's jurisdiction. Rule 174 Vol V

9.        Submission of reports to the Head of Circle. Rule 175 Vol V

10.      Submission of reports to Director General. Rule 176 Vol V


11.     Highway robbery to be reported. Rule 177 Vol V

12.     Content of mail to be ascertained. Rule 178 Vol V

13.     Undue detention in any office. Rule 179 Vol V

14.     Superintendent to proceed to the spot. Rule 180 Vol V

15.     Preliminary investigation by the Inspector. Rule 181 Vol V

16.     Postmaster and Overseer to assist the enquiry. Rule 182 Vol V

17.     Deposition of witness to be recorded. Rule 183 Vol V

18.     Inventory of recorded articles. Rule 184 Vol V

19.     Article subsequently recovered. Rule 185 Vol V

20.     Disposal of recovered article. Rule 186 Vol V

21.     District authority to be informed. Rule 187 Vol V

22.     Head of the Circle to be referred to for order. Rule 188 Vol V

23.     Final report to Head of Circle. Rule 189 Vol V

24.     Documentary evidence to accompany report. Rule 190 Vol V


25.     Negligence resulting in loss to be punished. Rule 191 Vol V

26.     Transfer of damaged bags and articles to the Postmaster or Head Sorting Assistant. Rule 192 Vol V

27.     Postmaster or Head Sorting Assistant to open bags or bundles with signs of damage or tampering. Rule 193 Vol V

28.     Procedure to be adopted if there is no suspicion on opening, checking and examining the contents. Rule 194 Vol V

29.     Procedure to be adopted in the event of discrepancies. Rule 195 Vol V

30.     Delivery of damaged articles. Rule 196 Vol V

31.     Enquiries to be made by the Supdt, in case of abstraction of the content of the article. Rule 204 Vol V

32.     Steps to be taken if any of the contents of a transit mail bag are missing. Rule 205 Vol V

33.     Short receipt of Registered/Speed post articles of all kind. Rule 206 Vol V

34.     Enquiry to be made by the Supdt., in cases of loss. Rule 207 Vol V

35.     Fraud facilitated by lack of supervision. Rule 214 Volume V

36.     Check on credit of unpaid postage. Rule 215 Volume V

37.     Temporary misappropriation of money .Rule 216 Volume V

38.     Deficiency in the cash or stamp balance. Rule 217 Volume V

39.     Complaints which indicate fraud. Rule 218 Volume V

40.     Preservation of records etc. .Rule 218A Volume V

41.     Report to Head of Circle in Fraud cases. Rule 219 Volume V

42.     Requisition for money orders and Indian Postal Orders on receipt of complaint and their preservation Rule 220 Volume V

43.     Requisition on the Audit Office for discharged postal certificates. Rule 221 Volume V

44.     Claims of defrauded persons. Rule 223 Volume V

Note: The list of rules in connection with loss and fraud cases are quoted for convenience and ready reference of the reader. In the case of any type of particular loss and fraud case, the Investigating Officer should consult the original rules of the department in addition to the instructions and rules cited in this compilation. 


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