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Medical Attendance Rules -1 :: Article from Sri. K.V.Sridharan

 Medical Attendance Rules -1 :: Article from Sri. K.V.Sridharan

1. C.S (MA) Rules, 1944.
1. Treatment is limited to 10 days (Prolonged treatment is also admissible provided doctor certify it). (40 days for Indian system of Medicine and Homeopathy) with a maximum of four consultations and ten injections. The number of injections may be raised to 15 depending on the condition or ailment of the patient.

2. There should be a reasonable gap between the closing of first spell and recurrence of the second spell of treatment of the same disease.

3. Dependency: - Income should not exceed to the extent of Rs.9000 + DA per month at the time of treatment. But it does not apply in case of spouse.

4. Cost of blood and blood transfusion is reimbursable.

5. Reimbursement of fees paid to specialist of a Govt./recognized hospital for testing eyesight for glasses is admissible once in three years for Govt. Servant alone and not for his family.

6. Dental treatment, including extraction, scaling and gum treatment, root canal treatment and filling of teeth (excluding cost of denture) is admissible. For Denture Maximum of Rs. 2000 /-

7. Expenses incurred for the correction of squint eye is reimbursable. 8. In case of serious illness/accidents where the official is unable to apply, the advance may be sanctioned on an application made by his wife or other legal heir.

9. In case of consultation of a Specialist/other medical officer is required in the opinion of and only on reference of AMA, the limit of 4 consultations within 10 days will count from the date on which the specialist/other medical officer is consulted.

10. If consultation is taken on the 10th day and further medicines are prescribed, the consultation fee for that day shall not be reimbursable. In such cases the patient should go to OPD of Govt. recognized hospital.

11. Cost of medicines, prescribed during these consultations only (i.e. up to 10 days) is reimbursable.

12. Charges for a maximum of 10 injections (it may go up to 15 in special cases) can also be reimbursed.

13. Consultation and injection can be had together and prescribed fee for each can be claimed.

14. A separate claim for each spell of each disease should be preferred.

15. Between two spells of same disease there should be a reasonable gap.

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