Sunday, 23 May 2021




1. First and foremost, of our duty, is to educate the ordinary rank and file not to heed the pleasantly words of the officers at a time of crisis when he is facing. It is our bounden duty to contact such affected officials and guide them at the time of their need. Whenever you are suggesting anyone who seeks your help, don’t advise them to expect the uncertain sympathy of the officers and accepting the charges.

2. We should not have the ego or believed that the affected should approach us; then only we should offer them advice. The real unionist should feel the sufferings of anyone who is under him as if it affects him.

3. The Union activists are the unique privileged sufferers for the cause of members and co-workers who are depending upon them and such activists should have no ego and their satisfaction lies only in assisting them where they are in the crisis and need their help. The happiness in sharing and assisting the sufferings of the fellow workers and mitigating their issues, whether personally or officially could be felt on each occasion.

4. The officers who are armed with all-powerful quasi-judicial authorities and assisted by many officers working under them. Nowadays, they are abruptly misusing their powers and take positions against the gullible and innocent employees who become prey to their sweet words at the time of preliminary inquiry itself in disciplinary cases. Finally, they become the victims.

5. Most of the local officers working in the Dept of Posts now become more self-publicists, egoists and sadists having no compassion or mercy against the innocents and gullible lower officials.

6. The guide book released by the IP/ASP association for inspecting officers advised its cadre “Do give false assurances: obtain a statement from the officials always admitting guilty”.

7. In many places, the innocent employees are depending on the dictation of such officers in the primary stage of enquiry and not saying boldly that I will give statement next day thereby gaining time to consult the experts on the disciplinary cases before giving statements.

8. Always the prima facie statements given at the initial stage of enquiry have the predominant role in deciding the case and also the final decisions thereon.

9. In many cases the role and responsibility and also the guilty of the officers are not figured in the investigation reports, suppressed in order to save the skin of the officers concerned and always they are scat free from the proceedings including the contributory negligence factors.

10. No doubt, the Union side is also miserably failing to point out such lapses to the next higher authority immediately after notice of the incidences; either due to our inefficiency or not to want a confrontation with those officers for obvious reasons. This has strengthened and fortified the officers further.

11. We should change the present situation with our knowledge and conviction. We should find out young knowledgeable and energetic comrades coming voluntarily to devote their time for the union and in the interest of the organisation and also to take the role of defence assistance in the disciplinary cases at local levels by learning all the rules and regulations.

12. In many divisions, we hardly find a person for drafting defence in ordinary disciplinary cases or memos which had driven the gullible employees depend on the inspectorial staff and left with no alternative except to act as per the dictates.

13. The Unions at divisional levels are also not evincing or exhibiting any interest to develop at least four to five comrades in each division with full devotion, dedication, commitment and also to possess the pledge to guide and aid the members who are in trouble.

14. It is our failure in the last two to three decades that we have not endeavoured in this direction and created a cream of leadership at divisional levels who possess all skills including the interpretation of rules in favour of employees.

15. There is no need to hesitate to say that one way the senior leaders holding the position are also responsible for not developing the next cadres and in some places, they are not allowing the youngsters even after they are voluntarily coming forward.

……. To be continued………


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