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Collection of Valuable Books, Dept. Rulings from from Mr. K.V.Sridharan

 Collection of Valuable Books, Dept. Rulings from from Mr. K.V.Sridharan


 Part – I  Retirement & Pensionary benefits

Part – II  Pensionary benefits judgment and selective forms                                        

Part – III Pension FAQ                                     

Part – IV Muthumaiai Velvom                                      

Part – V Iyarkai Marunthukal    


Trade Union Rulings                                                   

Vidhi Arivom                                                   

Hand Book 2010                                                         

Hand Book 2011                                                         

Hand Book 2013                                                         

Hand Book 2016                                                         

Hand Book 2017                                                         

GDS Refresher 2011                                                  

GDS Crusader – 2011   

Crusader to GDS – 2011                                              

Crusader to GDS 2016     

CRUSADER TO GDS-2016                                           

Venture 2017 – Volume – 1                                                      

Venture 2017 – Volume – 2                                                      

The Pioneer                                                    

Union Constitution-2017                                                         


Venture 2013                                                  


1.Tenure, Transfer & Postings                                                

2.Promotions – HSG I, HSG II, LSG, PO & RMS Accounts                                          

3.Financial Upgradations – BCR_TBOP & MACP   

4.Postmasters Cadre                                                  

5.Departmental Examination & Training         

6.Recruitment Rules Confirmation & related orders reservation                                              

7.Compassionate Appointment                                                

8.Adhoc appointment & officiating arrangements                       

9.Fixation Pay, Stepping up & Related                                                

10.Special Pay                                                



13.HRA, Quarters, Building & RFQ    


15.Children Education Allowance                                               

16.Incentives Honorariums                                                     



19.Leave Travel Concession                                                   


21.Establishment Norms                                                         

22.Retirement Benefit & Pension        

23.New Pension Scheme                                                        

24.Women Employees                                                


26.Trade Union Facilities                                                        

27.Administrative Instructions                                                 

28.Right To Information

VENTURE-2013 – Chapter 1 to 6

VENTURE-2013 – Chapter – 7 to 28


Venture Volume 1

1.Tenure, Transfer & Postings                                                

2.Promotions -Confidential Report APAR, Promotion, Seniority, Departmental Promotion Committee, Confirmation & Probation                                                       

3.Promotions – HSG-I & HSG-II, L.S.G., Fast Track Promotion, PO & RMS Accountant          

4.Financial Upgradations – BCR TBOP                                                           

5.Modified A.C.P. Scheme                                                      

6.Cadre review                                                

7.Postmaster’s Cadre                                                 

8.Departmental Examination & Training                                                          

9.Recruitment Rules                                                   


11.Adhoc appointment & officiating arrangements                                                      

12.Compassionate Appointment                                                         

13.Administrative Instructions                                                 

14.Women Employees                                                

15.Trade Union Facilities

Venture Volume 2

1.Seventh CPC, Fixation Pay, Stepping up & Related                                                 

2.Special Pay Allowances                                                       

3.Travelling Allowance                                                

4.Transport Allowance                                                


6.HRA, Quarters, Building & RFQ Revised               

7.OTA & FMA                                                 

8.Children Education Allowance                                                 

9.Medical & CGHS                                                      


11.Leave Travel Concession                                                   


13.Incentives & Honorariums                                                  



16.Establishment Norms                                                         

17.Retirement Benefit & Pension                                               

18.New Pension Scheme                                                        

19.Right To Information                                              

20.Postal Information

Thanks to Mr. K.V.Sridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

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