Saturday, 3 October 2020

No order to revoke suspension of D.A. : Centre clarifies

 No order to revoke suspension of D.A. : Centre clarifies

A viral message claiming that the central government has withdrawn its earlier order to suspend dearness allowance hike is doing the rounds on social media. However, the Centre on Wednesday clarified that no new order has been passed with regards to the suspension of the DA hike.

The government’s Twitter handle, which goes by the name PIB fact check, called out the fake message saying that April’s order has not been withdrawn, though there are several claims around it.

“A headline has been morphed on a request letter written to the finance minister claiming that the Centre has taken back its order in DA cut. This headline is fake. The letter was written in May 2020. Centre has not taken any such decision," the PIB fact check handle tweeted.


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