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One inspirational real story.... in my experience as a Postal Divisional Head

One inspirational real story.... in my experience as a Postal Divisional Head

It  is a  pride and privilege for me   to  say about an  interesting  case   that was  resolved  by me ,meticulously,as a Divisional  Head.
It was somewhere   in the year 2002 that one HSG-1  cadre official....General Line   ... retired as Head Postmaster of one  H.O  ...
in one   division,where I  was the  division    Head at that time.

 He  retired on attaining the age   of   superannuation..60   years.
 Soon after his retirement ,he petitioned the D.O /  R.O.staking  his claim  for ante-dating  his   increment date   all through    right from  1962 for recasting his leave account and  for  all  consequential   benefits.

The   background  is as follows:  The   retiree  submitted along with   his  petition the  Leave Memo   for  the  EXOL with   M.C granted to him(period  of  leave  is  more than  one month   or   so)..... in the year 1962.
His  plea is   his  increment date  is   getting  postponed     right from   1962. His  contention is that the particular  period  of  leave  is.....     WITH   M.C  and therefore  it   counts   for  increment.

Thus  he claimed  that his increment  date  had to  be antedated  from  1962   onwards  ,his  leave  account  to be  recast  ,updated , fixation   revised  as on the  date of  retirement    and  arrears has to .be paid      with  all   consequential   benefits .

R.O  has  called  for  a report  .

Scrutiny of service  book  also revealed that
the     nature of  leave  is  EXOL   with  M.C.

As  the  Divisional   Head    I was seriously thinking about  all aspects on this issue.

We  cannot   reject  the  claim   ,treating  this  case as a   time barred one on the   point   of limitation.   Because it is the matter regarding   antedating of  increment   and  pay   fixation.There is a   continuous cause  of action   year  by  year  .   
Accounts branch officials  and  the   Divisional  Office officials were exclaiming  about this   strange  issue  and  worried   over  the   task of recasting of the leave  account and pay  fixation.
Everything    was  struggling in my mind. 

We  all  know  that the  as per the extant pay rules and Leave rules....EXOL     without  M.C   does  not   count   for   increment.
......But  EXOL   with  M.C   COUNTS  FOR INCREMENT    .

Something  struck  my   mind  .

I   referred to   the   old    rulings.   In that way I  glanced   through    one book[The   SWAMYS    PAY  RULES  MADE   EASY .....GUIDE BOOK..
26th   Edition   ....1994].

I studied   this  book when I  had  prepared   for  the   PS   GROUP   B      EXAM    in 1995.

Therefore   now   for this case    I  referred   to this   Book.   
What  a  surprise|    
I   got   the   solution.

In page 217  of this  book..........CHAPTER       FIXATION     OF  PAY     under  the  Heading    
FOR  the date    22-10-1963     There is  indication  as   follows.

《   LWP    ....EXOL       WITH    M.C   COUNTS    FOR INCREMENT.》

THIS   shows that  prior to 22.10.1963   EXOL   of  both   nature   with  M.C   or   without  M.C    
will not   count   for   increment...

Therefore it is  clear  that  the   EXOL  WITH M.C  taken   on  or  after 22.10.1963 only   will count    for   increment.

.In this  case   the  period   pertains   to  the   year 1962.   Therefore  that  EXOĹ   WITH   M.C  Will  not   count   for   increment 
as per the   rulings  position of the relevant  period.

A report  was   submitted to  R.O

The retiree....petitioner  was clearly  informed   of the position   on the  point that      his   claim   is   not sustainable....based on the  rulings  position as mentioned  above.Thus the   petition  was disposed a   petition   without   any   merit  .

Atlast   it  was a   sigh  of   relief  to   me  and also to  my   staff .

I   would   like  to   share  with you   all      ..... the  MESSAGE     that   flows  from this   incidence. 

.All of   us   already   know  this   message .


This  will  help us   at  times   of    need   whenever we have to find  out  the  correct   rulings   position     pertaining   to a  particular
period  of  the  past    .....even  the  good   old   period.

NOTE:-      I have   given  the outline  .
.facts    regarding   this   real  story/incidence/experience  from  my    green   memory..But the  exact  dates  could  not  be   mentioned  due to  memory...constraints.

                      . .....N.INBALAGAN   .I.Po.S(Retd)

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