Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A Message from DMCC Regarding CSI Issues

A Message from DMCC Regarding CSI Issues

at the outset we would like to inform the following:-

1. We have moved a comprehensive solution yesterday(12.06.2018) night. From today(13.06.2018) morning we observed the work flow in SAP, since morning it is improved. The solution kept in observation for a week's time. 

2. The manifest generation batches which were in the Central Server level has been moved to the local post office server level since yesterday night. This is also improved now. 

3. Inclusion of the name of addressee for articles and EMOs will be moved in to production tonight. The solution has been tested by our team today successfully. Field post offices may not have the difficulty in writing the names from tomorrow. 

4. For those tickets raised in the system, the SLA is D+5 and our team is ensuring as to whether solution is provided within this agreed SLA, which is completely monitored by DMCC team at Chennai. 

5. If the work flow issue and sync issue which we addressed today is stabilized, post offices may not feel difficulty in getting the TCBs tallied in time. 

6. Going forward, there will not be SMRs and ECB memos as we feel. But we may have to wait till the F & A Committee submits its report, which is expected by this month end, which is also looking in to submission of various schedules. 

Hence we would like to inform you... 

the DMCC Chennai is doing all possible things to optimise the performance in CSI.

Hope by the end of July 2018, we would be able to address ALL ISSUES and make the operations stabilised as we did for CBS. Thanking you Sir.


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