Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Point of sale Software for Outsourced Postal Agents

Point of sale Software for Outsourced Postal Agents

This is module exclusively for Out sourced postal agents for pickup and booking operations of India Post 


1. Please extract the Setup.rar folder. 
2. Contains Mainly three Items 
  • Server setup 
  • Client setup 
  • Database scripts(counter scripts) 
Server setup: 
  • Please extract the folder and run the setup.exe using run as administrator option. 
  • Once the server is installed , please share the Pointofsaleserver folder with full read/write permissions to everyone. 
Client setup installation: 
  • Please extract the client setup folder, and then run the setup.exe by run as administrator option. 
  • Please act according the instructions. 
  • Once database is created , please run the counter.exl files in the naming order mentioned(order should be followed strictly) using script tool.exe after taking full database backup of created counter database Then do the initial configuration. 
Pickup The OPA will be simply provided with one option to calculate the pickup charges with two radio buttons. 

Retail and Bulk Booking : 

The three categories of articles can be booked/Pickedup through OPA module 
1.Registered Parcel ,with AD 
2.Speed Post , with POD 
3.Express Parcel 
After finishing the complete installation process , please copy the Pointofsale.exe from Service Pack folder,and then paste it into the Pointofsale client folder installed in the machine by renaming the existing Pointofsale.exe as Pointofsale_exe


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