Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Updated Quick B.O slip Generator Version 1.1

Updated Quick B.O slip Generator Version 1.1

User help for CSI Quick B.O Slip (Version 1.1 [23-03-2018] ) 

1) Configure your office Name and Brach Names for intialisation. Then save the work book and close to intialising the Office Names. 
2) Type the B.O Slip date as dd/mm/yy format and select the B.O Names and type the OB,Cash, Stamp,Documents as per your choice 
3) After typing the details press the save button in B.O Slip 
4) Press the Print button for printing the B.O Slip
4) You can view the previous dates B.O Slips also by typing the B.O Slip Date and by selecting the B.O Name 
5) Press the Enter key to move between the input boxes 
6) Automatic numbering of documents included in V 1.1 
7) Date Selection Calender included 
8) Automatic Opening Balance amount in words included 
9) Some bugs cleared in Version 1.1 for quick B.O Slip entry without using the mouse

Click below link to download revised version of BO Slip


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