Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Finacle Overview

Finacle Overview

The word "Finacle" is collection of two words "Finance" and "Oracle" hence the name "Finacle" originated. 

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Finacle package , for banking solution developed by Indian Technology Corporation Infosys in the year 1999 it has undergone many versions after introduction presently the version of Finacle package is 10+ 
Many Indian banks and all over the world also using Finacle package as a banking solution as it is highly flexible. Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive,integrated,yet modular and agile business solution,addressing all the core needs of the banks,in easy to configure modules. 

Some Important Features of Finacle:- 

Finacle facilitates anywhere banking. Finacle uses Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) of Oracle. Finacle is accessed Browser Based Universal Client i.e., Internet Explorer. It used SQL @ PL/SQL for generating the MIS reports from the Central Server. As this is menu driven package,it is very much easy for navigation. It also provides the features such as Customization and Parameterization. Finacle provides multi-lingual support and multi-level security i.e, operation and database. 

Advantages of Finacle:- 

It provides a centralized server hence the name core banking. It provides multi level security i.e., Robust Security. It provides multiple channels for transactions i.e., ATM's,Internet banking,Mobile banking,Green Channels,ECS,Biometric authentication etc. Eases the operation cost. Reduces the deployment and maintenance costs hence reduces the cost. Also it also eases the operating procure for working staff.


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