Thursday, 7 December 2017

Unani Treatment and Unit Cost under CGHS

Unani Treatment and Unit Cost under CGHS

Revised CGHS Rates and Guidelines for reimbursement/ settlement of Unani treatment under CGHS.

1. List of diseases/disease conditions needing hospitalization of the patients, indicative therapies and likely duration of hospitalization
Note: Any minor / local Unani procedure/ therapy not included in the above list may be charged upto Rs. 100/- per sitting for upto 28 days.
3. Determination of treatment expenditure for payment/reimbursement
For the purpose of settlement of Unani treatment expenditure under CGHS , following criteria shall be appliede-
e)Above-mentioned rates of therapies/interventions shall be benchmarks for calculating treatment expenditure.
f) The above unit rates are inclusive of the cost implication of materials, medicines, accessories, equipment maintenance ,manpower (medical, paramedical and nursing) and diet used in imparting therapies except room rent of the hospitalization.
g) Pre and post procedure cost will be chargeable @ Rs 75 per day.
h) Room rent , wherever applicable shall be chargeable as per the rates prescribed in the OM.


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