Friday, 15 December 2017

MM 7.9.10 Issues noticed and CEPT Solution

MM 7.9.10 Issues noticed and CEPT Solution

Issues Noted : After Upgradation to MM7.9.10 there is a difference in Submit Account Cash and Summary Report Total. The same amount for GST and SGST is taken in Submit Account. This SGST amount is the net difference with the actual cash available with the counter PA. The submit account report for two different offices is attached for analysis.The amount collected for SpeedPost articles booked is also not taken in account correctly.

Solution: Execute the attached exl given by CEPT for the said issue

Isse Noticed 2: The problem of duplicate Tax amount is resolved. But the Foreign Article Collection amount is not reflected in HO Summary. The net difference of Foreign Article Booked on 11-12-2017 is shown in HO Summary Receipt side. KIndly send solution for creating/ updating these new Accounts Heads (International Par/Reg/SPeed) in HO SUmmary accordingly.( use the below solution if only the said issue is noticed)

Please run treasury exl available in 7.9.9 only after day begin in subaccounts module. Also run the following query in query analyzer to update the account heads in today's date. 

execute treasury..update_megh66_accountheads go
execute treasury..update_megh66_accountheads_bydate'ddmmyy' 

Note: ddmmyy is date for which you are facing the issue.


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