Monday, 11 December 2017

Does the Postal Operative staff are being en-Slaved by its Administration?

Does the Postal Operative staff are being en-Slaved by its Administration?

All the Postal Operative Offices facing the problems of Shortage of staff, Outdated Electronics, Very Poor Power Back-up, Poor Network Connectivity, Pirated and Non Certified Softwares, Not responding and user-enemy state of Finacle server, CSI and RICT migration issues. 
Even with the Acute-Shortage of Clerical Staff, The Administration sets 'Most Important Priority' for all the Targets and Various Statistical Reports so they demanding everything should have to be Achieved and must be Submitted without any Delay. Eventhough the Administration receiving so many e-Mails, Several Notices by the Unions, RTI Enquiries, Public Complaints, Departmental Requisition regarding the problems faced by the Postal Operative Office; Not only they simply delaying/rejecting to settle those Requests but instead of settling those Issues they only Focusing on Conducting Drives In the name of "Mela", "Fiscal Year Target", "Special Day", "Special Week". Also the Administration demanding all the PA & GDS to achieve the target or force them to open Self Accounts and give pressure by 'Repeated Phone Calls', "Circulars', 'By-Name Notices', 'Drive Meetings', 'Drive Visits' to acheive the targets of SB, RD, SSA, PMSBY, PMJJBY, APY, RPLI, PLI, GOLD BOND, PHILATELY, Western Union, IMO, MOBILE MONEY, POS SWIPE, FRANKING, e-Post, BD Revenue Target etc.

Due to the Shortage of Postal Clerk Leave gets Rejected/Reduced and still a Postal Operator have to work '6 days a week' while the Administration got only '5 days a week'. Also The Administration rejecting the Postal Operative Union's proposal of 5 days a week to the Operative Staff by quoting the following reason (i.e), "The Public will severely affect otherwise they will find the Alternative". So, then for the 6th day, Why don't they provide OTA otherwise Why don't they Withdraw the '5 days a week' to the Administrative Offices if Deparmental Revenue and Service is their Primary concern. In addition to this, they are Over-Burdening the work of the Leave, Vacant place on the shoulders of the Other Operative Staff 'without' giving any Substitutes. i.e., If a Postman or Gds applies for leave then an arrangement is there as a Substitute but for a Postal Clerk there is No Arrangement! Nor those Vacancies filled for several years.


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