Tuesday, 5 December 2017

‘Centre’s fast changing rules hamper Aadhaar progress’

‘Centre’s fast changing rules hamper Aadhaar progress’

The Offiicials of department of information and technology are at their wits end and are finding it difficult to increase the pace of Aadhaar card enrolments or to match the national average of Aadhaar enrolments. The aadhaar officials claimed that lack of support from the Centre and fast changing rules is a deterrent to meet the set targets.
Explaining the reason behind the poor show in the national tally of Aadhaar enrolments, the officials say that Centre directives of holding Aadhaar camps only at government offices is obstructing the progress of enrolments.
“The directive has limited the places for holding AC camps. It is now being done in government buildings – schools and Aanganwadi centres etc. It has reduced the progress of Aadhaar card enrolments,” said the department official.
The poor upkeep of machines is also hindering the progress. The officials have shot a letter to the central government seeking permission to operate from E Mitras operating out of rented places due to large size of the state went unanswered. “During the camps for Aadhaar cards we fall short of machines required for number of people, this is a reason why we don’t meet our target. It results in leaving many aspirants for Aadhaar card,” said a government official.
Akhil Arora, principal secretary, department of information and technology says that enrolment in the category of 0-5 is not the priority of the state. “As per the guidelines, 5 years and below enrolees do not require biometrics which is one of the biggest tools for unique identification along with iris record. This is a reason that our energies are focussed on the age group of 5 and above,” said Arora.

Source: TOI


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