Thursday, 21 December 2017

Aadhar linking guidelines!!!

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am directed by competent authority to convey the following

This is regarding Linking of AADHAR (Bulk) in CIF through CSV file. Trail mail from DD sir on the above subject is forwarded for reference.

We are still getting mails from Sub offices/HOs directly. Circles are requested to kindly consolidate the list and share us consolidated file for upload. We will be sharing failure reports to Circles only for onward transmission to concerned POs.

We are getting several references from POs seeking clarification on bulk linking of AADHAAR. Details of Bulk linking is given below for reference.

Following process is done during bulk upload

a) Aadhar is linked to CIF and not to any particular account. SB number in csv file is updated as AADHAR LINKED ACCOUNT NUMBER in CIF. Aadhar Based credits will be received in this SB account once seeded with NPCI. Suppose if a CIF is linked to 10 RD accounts and 2 NSC and 1 SB account, bulk csv file will contain ONLY SB account number and AADHAR number . This aadhar will be linked as Address Proof in corresponding CIF of the given SB account . SB account number in CSV file is updated as AADHAR LINKED ACCOUNT NUMBER in CIF. Once this is done, all 13 accounts under the CIF are deemed to be linked with AADHAR.
b) AADHAR NUMBER is updated as ADDRESS PROOF in document details 1, document code is updated as ADHAR, Aadhar number is updated in Unique ID field. (We have taken up for updating AADHAR as IDENTITY PROOF for which solution is expected).

b) Country of Issue is updated as INDIA

c) Document Code is updated as as ADHAR

d) Preferred flag is updated as YES

Please note – AADHAR MANDATE FLAG WILL NOT BE UPDATED as part of Bulk Liking of Aadhar. This has to be done after receipt of CONSENT FORM from customer across counter through CMRC. Once Mandate flag is updated, AADHAR will get seeded with NPCI through mapper file. Once seeded, aadhar based benefits will be received in the AADHAR LINKED ACCOUNT NUMBER. Hence POs to update the MANDATE AVAILABLE flag ONLY AFTER RECEIPT OF CUSTOMER CONSENT FORM .

Please ensure the below mentioned points

  • The data should be in the prescribed template in the CSV format onlyData from POs to be consolidated at circle level and shared for upload only from CircleA single CSV can contain maximum of 20000 recordsCSV file can contain data of more than one office alsoCEPT will be coordinating only with Circle SPOCsCEPT will not entertain direct correspondence with Sub Offices and HPOs directly
  • CEPT after processing the details through script, will share the failure reports with the circle SPOCs for onward transmission to concerned PO.
  • Emails for AADHAR LINKING received directly from SOs / HPOs will be updated with an automated reply to direct through Circle SPOCs .

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002


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