Saturday, 9 December 2017

A view about Cadre Restructuring in Postal Department

A view about Cadre Restructuring in Postal Department

How far it is correct that for the sake of choice of willing we should neglect the basic thumb rules while filling the SPM/PA posts during RTs? 

Because after implementation of CSI and CBS maximum seniors are not willing for posts of SPMs at B class or C class. Then by neglecting basic rules and for satisfying so called seniors our admin is keeping B class / C class SPM posts are as vacant and running by deputing very juniors will posted at SOs and HOs who not even completed 1-3 years. 

Here govt is losing so much of money as TA advance and HRA also. And as the juniors doesn't know the rules and sufficient experience to work as B class SPMs They are involving unknowingly in mistakes. There by our Department is loosing faith of our customers. If it is possible every postal official want to complete his/her service at theirs parental unit and that is also if possible in non delivery TSOs. 

But we should all remember that our jobs are AISL based.
Article by KRISHNA MSH


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