Friday, 8 December 2017

7th Pay Commission: High level committee to look into issue of pay hike

7th Pay Commission: High level committee to look into issue of pay hike

A high-level committee is likely to be set up to discuss the issue of a pay hike beyond the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. While at first it was said that the National Anomaly Committee would look into this issue, it now appears that a committee is set to be formed. All hopes of the Central Government employees were dashed when the government said that both fitment factor and pay hikes were not anomalies. This automatically meant that the scope of the NAC to discuss these two issues were restricted.

High level committee Meanwhile the government is considering setting up a high level committee to look into the matter. The committee will submit its report on whether a pay hike should be given or not. The committee will comprise secretaries from ministries of Home Affairs and Defence, department of personnel and training, pension, revenue, expenditure, posts, health, science and technology Chairman of Railway Board and Deputy CAG as its members.

What will the committee look into If the government goes ahead and forms the committee then it would look into both the minimum pay hike and the fitment factor. With the NAC being ruled out to look into these issues, there is a slight chance that the committee is being set up to overcome that.
Why was committee formed Following the decision of the government not to increase the basic minimum pay, there was a lot of anger and anguish among the CG employees. There were dharnas and even threats of a wide spread agitation. The government then considered setting up such a committee.

Is there any hope For CG employees this may not give the needed hope. They are already frustrated with the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. If the committee is set up and does recommend a pay hike, then there is good news on the way. After being dejected so many times, some feel that this committee is just another way to delay matters. 

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