Sunday, 5 November 2017

Commemorative Stamps on India and Russia Joint Issue – 26th October 2017.

One of the most famous Russian folk dances is the "Beryozka" dance. This dance represents the synchronous movement of dancers and the simultaneous performance of a choral song. Characteristic elements - smooth movements in a circle, a chain (one after another), a snake, in two lines; Rotations around each other or in pairs around common centers in groups; Short and frequent steps that create the impression of slipping. In the hands of the dancer holding handkerchiefs or branches of birch.

Bhavai is a popular folk theater form in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Men play music, while a woman, dressed in a bright, colorful costume with numerous ornaments, performs the dance, holding 8-9 pitchers on her head. The dance of bhavai is performed at various festivals and weddings. This artistic folk dance is popular not only in India, but also abroad.

India Post and Russian Postal Administration issued commemorative stamps and miniature sheet on folk dances Bhavai of India and Beryozka of Russia as Joint issue.
Commemorative Stamps on India and Russia Joint Issue

Commemorative Stamps on India and Russia Joint Issue 


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