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Welfare Schemes for Postal Employees

 Welfare Schemes for Postal Employees

I)       Financial Assistance in case of death of Postal Employees

At present financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- ( Rupees Ten thousand) only is payable as immediate death relief as per the orders dated 31.01.2018. There is no upper pay limit for payment of immediate death relief.
The financial assistance in this case is payable to the next of the kin of the deceased person. It should be ensured that the admissible financial assistance be paid to the family of the deceased at the earliest after receipt of the information about the death.

II)      Financial Assistance in case of death of Postal Employees due to terrorist  activity / dacoits etc while on duty

At present in cases of death of Postal employees due to attack by terrorists/robbers/dacoits while on duty, an aggregate amount inclusive of immediate death relief, of Rs. 75,000/- is admissible as financial assistance of the bereaved family. In such cases, after payment of the immediate death relief the matter is to be referred to the Department for payment of the residual amount from the Central Welfare Fund. In such cases it must be ensured that the death of the person concerned has happened while performing the official duties and the amount should be paid to the person entitled to receive the amount. The residual amount is paid by the Postal Welfare Board through the Circle Welfare Fund.

III)      Financial assistance in case of death of Postal Employees while on duty due to accidents

Where death of Postal employees occurs while on duty due to some accident, an amount of Rs. 15,000/- is payable to the next of the kin of the deceased person.

IV)      Financial assistance in case of death of Postal Employees
by terrorist, robbers activity etc while not on duty.

At present if a Postal employee is murdered by terrorist / robbers etc  while not on duty financial assistance of Rs. 15,000/- is payable to the bereaved family.

V)        Financial assistance in cases of natural calamities, fire and floods.

Financial assistance of Rs. 4500/- ( Rupees Four thousand five hundred) only is payable  to the departmental employees affected by fire, floods and natural calamities. The financial assistance is to be provided only to those who were seriously burnt by fire, whose property has been really damaged by floods and whose children books have been destroyed. All cases of financial assistance in case of natural calamities should be thoroughly scrutinized with reference to the aforesaid parameters in addition to a certificate from the Revenue Authorities.

         All the claims should be strictly got verified personally by deputing officers of the
appropriate level so as to ensure correctness of verification, and financial assistance in these cases be granted where there has been really substantial damage to the immovable property. No financial assistance should be granted in cases where there is no damage to the property /books of children etc. even if the area has been declared flood affected by the revenue authorities. In case subsequent to the verification, the irregularities are found, the verifying officer should be held responsible.

However when natural calamities of unprecedented scale happen as in the case of super cyclone in Orissa and earth quake in Gujarat, the situation is considered by the Department at the appropriate level and financial assistance extended as decided. In such case the financial assistance should be granted by the Circle promptly as per the specific orders received from the Directorate.

VI)      Financial assistance in cases of prolonged and serious illness/major surgeries for Departmental Employees.

            Heads of Circles have been delegated financial powers to sanction financial assistance from the Circle Welfare Fund under their discretionary power upto Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand) only in each case of proven exceptional hardship relating to serious or prolonged illness or major surgical operations like cancer, heart operation or renal failures for postal employees or their dependents.

            The Financial assistance in such cases is sanctioned out of the discretionary grant, which, at present, is 10% of the total grant allocated to the Circle during the year. Hence these powers should be exercised in deserving cases to ensure that the discretionary grant is not exceeded.

            This grant is in addition to the amount of the financial assistance admissible for the periods of extra ordinary leave or half pay leave on medical grounds. This financial assistance from the Circle Welfare Fund is for the purpose of meeting the incidental expenses like diet, cost of treatment, transport etc. and is not to be granted as part of medical reimbursement which is covered under the Medical Attendance Rules.

            Postal employees who undergo treatment in private hospitals or nursing homes on their own should not be reimbursed medical expenses from the welfare fund.

            Each case of financial assistance should be decided on merits.     

Financial assistance beyond Rs. 10,000/-  in cases of illness etc of Government employees.
            In rare and exceptionally deserving cases where it is considered necessary to provide additional financial assistance beyond Rs. 10,000/-, such cases are to be referred to the Postal Directorate for consideration of grant of financial assistance from the Central Welfare Fund. While forwarding such cases, the following are to be kept in view : -

i.                    Such cases should have personal recommendation of the concerned Chief PMG indicating specific amount of assistance recommended from the Central Welfare Fund.
ii.                  Copies of the Medical Report and estimate of the cost of treatment should be enclosed.
iii.                Information regarding total expenditure on treatment, amount reimbursed, financial assistance already given from the Circle Welfare Fund should be furnished.
iv.                Financial position of the concerned employees should  also be indicated.
v.                  Whether the treatment has been taken from the Govt. Hospital. If not, reason for taking treatment from private hospital be explained in detail
vi.                Expenditure on essential incidentals like transport, diet, etc. should be indicated.
vii.              Any other relevant information.
viii.            In the first instance, all such cases should be considered under CGHS or Civil Services (MA) Rules for medical reimbursement of the cost of treatment and no case should be sent to the Directorate without aforesaid consideration and it should be clearly indicated so in the forwarding letter.
VII)     Financial assistance for regular employees suffering from TB also for their family members.
a.       Indoor patients : Such employees who are hospitalized for treatment of TB for fairly long period and remain on leave with half pay or leave without pay and also have to continue on such leave even after discharge from the hospital may be given financial assistance of Rs. 400/- p.m. (Rupees Four hundred only) after discharge from the hospital subject to a maximum of six months, for nutritive diet.
b.      OPD TB Patients : Financial assistance of Rs. 200/- p.m. ( Rupees Two hundred only) for a maximum period of six months for the purposes of nutritive diet may also be granted to OPD TB patients. This assistance will be paid from the date of application or the date on which the disease becomes 3 months old whichever is later. This assistance will be admissible on the production of medical certificate from a Medical officer of a Govt. Hospital or a TB Sanatorium. 
In case of such patients who are hospitalized but on discharge are not on EOL or HPL but continue the treatment as outdoor patient after discharge from the hospital, the financial assistance @ Rs. 200/- pm for a period of 6 months may be given as admissible to OPD TB patients.

It may however, be noted that this financial assistance will be granted only once for a maximum period of 6 months. However, this assistance will be in addition to the financial assistance, if any, granted for the period of EOL/HPL.
c.       Dependent family members of the postal employees who are suffering from TB are covered under the head “Grant of Financial assistance due to prolonged illness” and Heads of Circles are delegated with the powers to sanction financial assistance under their discretionary powers up to Rs. 10,000/- in each case of proven exceptional hardships resulting from serious or prolonged illness to the Postal employees or their dependents, taking into consideration other conditions such as meeting incidental expenses like diet, cost of treatment and transport etc., which is not covered under medical reimbursement under CS(MA) Rules.
VIII)   Grant of Financial assistance for Extra ordinary leave & Half Pay Leave due to prolonged illness.

Financial assistance as indicated below may be granted to the Postal Employees who had to avail extra ordinary leave or half pay leave on Medical Certificate due to serious / prolonged illness or major surgical operations : -

a.       Extra ordinary leave                                 Rs. 1500/- p.m.
b.      Half Pay Leave                                         Rs.   750/- p.m.

The above assistance is uniformly applicable to all Postal employees getting maximum pay upto Rs. 65,200/- per month.

The Financial assistance in these cases is granted subject to the following terms and conditions : -

a)      Disease should be more than two months old. However, in case of relapse of the same disease in the same case the condition of two months period will not be applicable
b)      The period of Extra Ordinary leave and half pay leave should be 30 days or more
c)      The assistance will be given for a maximum period of 36 months renewable at intervals of every six months.
d)     The assistance may be continued for a period of one month after the official joins duties.

The Financial assistance for Extra Ordinary leave and half pay leave availed by a Government Servant up to the date of invalidation / retirement can be paid to the Govt. servant concerned on receipt of application from the concerned official. However, in case of death of the employee the Financial assistance as mentioned above may be paid to the bereaved family as in case of immediate death relief.

IX        Financial assistance for purchase of Mechanical / Motorized  Tricycle for Orthopedically handicapped Departmental employees.

            As per the above orders handicapped employees are entitled to financial assistance up to Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen thousand only) or 50% of the cost. Of the Motorized Tricycle whichever is less, from the Circle Welfare Fund.

            In addition to the above, financial assistance to the extent of 75% of the cost of artificial limb/Wheel chair / Orthopaedic Tricycle subject to the maximum of Rs. 1,000/- can be sanctioned to the employees or their dependents from the Circle Welfare Fund.

Actual IInd Class Railway Fare from the place of duty to the Artificial Limb Centre and back is also reimbursable from the Welfare Fund in cases of handicapped employees for provision of artificial limbs if such reimbursement is not admissible from any other source.

      Grant of educational assistance to the children of Postal Employees.
The educational assistance to the children of Postal employees is being extended as per the provisions contained in the Directorate letter dated 20th May, 1993 as amended by the subsequent letters mentioned above. In nutshell at present the scholarships are payable subject to the following conditions.

a)      Minimum percentage for award of Technical Scholarships in 50% in the minimum qualifying examination on the basis of which candidate becomes eligible for the admission to the technical course in question.
b)      The corresponding percentage for non-technical scholarship would be 60%.
c)      There will be a relaxation of 10% marks for SCs/STs and low paid officials for grant of non-technical scholarship.
d)     There will be no relaxation in the minimum percentage required to be obtained in the qualifying examination for award of scholarship for technical courses.
e)      There will be no relaxation of 10% marks for OBCs candidates for grant of non-technical scholarship & school student awards, However, application for award of scholarship with relaxed standards for OBCs be entertained after all other eligible candidates have awarded the scholarship.
f)       The merit list for scholarships will be prepared at circle level and a common merit list will be prepared in each category of the scholarship i.e. Technical Degree, Technical Diploma, Non-technical Degree, School Student Awards etc. The merit list will be prepared strictly on the basis of the marks obtained by the wares of the employees in the qualifying examination subject to reservations of scholarships for SCs/STs/OBCs and low paid employees as mentioned above.
g)      Scholarships will be granted only to the extent the funds are available.
h)      To ensure that large number of employee are covered under the scheme of scholarships, the second scholarships to an employee may be granted only if all the applicants have been granted at least one scholarship,
i)        The scholarship once awarded shall continue till the date of completion of the course and shall not be withdrawn on account of : (a) the employee exceeding the pay limits. (b) death, invalidation or retirements on superannuation of the employee.
j)        The scholarship will automatically cease in the event of the employee’s resigning from service, being dismissed, removed or compulsory retired as well as in the case of voluntary retirement.
k)      For the purpose of grant of scholarships for technical and non-technical Degree Examinations, pay of both the husband and wife will be counted for the purpose of the pay limits prescribed for various courses. However, in case of grant of school student awards pay of only the applicant will be taken into account.
l)        The scholarships are admissible only for degree classes and no scholarship will be granted for Post Graduate Courses etc. except in case of BE/B.Tech Courses in Institutes like IISC Bangalore, MIT Chennai for which a degree is pre-requisite for admission to such courses
m)    The pay limits prescribed for various courses are as follows : -

       Pay limit               Scholarship Rate
          i.  Technical and non Technical
    and degree scholarships (Including      Rs. 65,200/-  (1) IIT, AIMS, IIM
    IIT, IIM, AIIMS)                                                               Rs. 1000/- p.m.
                for Technical Education                             
                 (2)  Medical/Tech.Edu/PG
                                                                                                          Degree Rs. 800/- p.m.
                                                                                                           Diploma Rs.300/- p.m.
                                                                                                     (3)  Non Tech Degree
Girl student undergoing Graduration in any field with a minimum of 60% aggregare marks in class 12th @Rs. 250/-p.m.
(4)  ITI certificate course– Rs.     1400/- p.a.

i.                    Scholarships to physically       Rs. 77,900/-                refer in page no 14&15
Handicapped children

n)      Renewal of Scholarships :- The scholarships will be subject to renewal every year by the Heads of the Circle on the following terms and conditions: -

a.       Technical scholarships may be renewed without any condition of minimum marks in last examination provided that the student is allowed to keep terms and to go to the next higher class/semester by the university. In case, a student is detained, the scholarship may be withheld only for the period of detention and automatically renewed once the candidate is promoted to the next higher class/semester. However, if a student is detained for the second time, the scholarships may be discontinued altogether.
b.      The condition of 50% marks in the annual / semester examination for renewal on non-tech scholarships will continue. If a student fails to obtain 50% marks in the examination, the scholarships will be stopped till he/she secures 50% marks in the next semester/annual examination. If a student is detained, the scholarship will be discontinued altogether.

o)      Reservation of scholarship : - Separate merit list may be prepared for the reserved groups for whom the scholarships/Book Award i.e. Tech. and non- Tech are to be reserved according to the following percentage : -

Tech.                           Non-Tech
Scholarship                Scholarship

i.                    For officials drawing
pay upto Rs. 23,500/- p.m.            15%                             20%
ii.                  Scheduled Castes                          15%                             15%
iii.                Scheduled Tribes                          7½ %                           7½ %

p)      55% of total amount allotted to a Circle in a year will be earmarked for scholarships and other educational assistance schemes. However, Head of the circles have the powers to provide additional amount of 5% of the allocation for this purpose in order to cover up more candidates subject to availability of funds in the Circle Welfare Fund.

q)      Allocation of funds : - Out of the funds available for scholarships and other educational schemes, the following allocation will be made for different schemes :-

a.       Scholarships for Tech. Courses
(including IIT, AIIMS, IIM, ITI)                         67%

b.      Scholarships for non-tech. Courses                       20%

c.       School Student Awards including
Award for excellence in
X & XII Board Exams.                                        5%

d.      Scholarships for staff for
development of personality.                                 5%

e.       Scholarship for Handicapped children                 3%
The Heads of Circles, however, have powers to re-allocate funds from one category to another, if there are not sufficient eligible applicants in any one category.
A list of technical degree and diploma course is given below : -
1.      I.I.T. Courses
2.      B.E. / B.Tech / B.Sc., (Engg.) (Civil, Mech. Electrical, Electronics, Metallurgical, Textile, Chemical, Computer Science, Instrumentation, Industrial Electronics, Sugar Technology, Plastic Technology, Printing Technology, Dairy Technology, Agricultural Engg., Industrial Engg., Production Engg., Fisheries Tech. Marine Engg., Engg. Design, Food Processing Tech.)
3.      B.Sc. Degree (Agriculture)
4.      B.Arch.
5.      M.B.B.S.
6.      B.V.Sc.
7.      B.D.S.
8.      B.Pharmacy
9.      Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine (BHMS)
10.  B.Sc. Nursing
11.  B.A.M.S.
12.  B.F.Sc.
13.  Management (After 12th Std.)
14.  I.I.M. (Bangalore, Ahmedabad)
15.  All other Degree Courses in Tech. Degree courses in Engg. / Technology recognized by the Director of Technical Education/UGC/Universities/ AICTE.

DIPLOMA COURSES ( After 10th )\

1.      All Engineering subjects (as at Sl.No. 2 of Degree Courses)
2.      Diploma in homeopathy and Ayurvedic Courses.
3.      Diploma in Architecture.
4.      Diploma Courses in Draughtsman
5.      Hotel Management and Catering

6.      Assistant Architectship
7.      Diploma in Commercial Practice
8.      Diploma in Pharmacy
9.      Diploma in Prosthetics for & Drithotics.
10.  Model Diploma Course for Technician
11.  Diploma in Textile Designing
12.  Diploma in Printing Tech
13.  Interior Designing and Decorating
14.  Industrial Safety
15.  DHMS (4 years)
16.  Radio Engg.
17.  Diploma in Post Harvest & Food Tech.
18.  Diploma in Coating Tech.
19.  Diploma in Cinema / Cinematography, Sound Recording / Sound Engg.
20.  Diploma in Surface Coating
21.  Indian Dairy Diploma Courses
22.  Knitting Technology
23.  All other diploma courses in polytechnics recognized by Central / State Govt.


All Trade Courses Conducted by I.T.I.
            In case of doubt whether a particular course is to b treated as Technical or Degree etc. a reference may be made to the Director of Technical Education of the concerned State.

XI)  Incentive for excellence in academic achievement for Xth & XIIth Class.

Five awards are to be given for the children of staff in each of the following groups purely on merit on the basis of the marks in 10th and 12th Standard Board Examination subject to the minimum percentage of marks shown against each group : -

Sl.No.              Group                         Minimum percentage of
                                                            Aggregate marks

1.         10th Standard                                     
2.         12th Standard                                     
            (Science Group)
3.         12th Standard                                      Minimum Aggregate 90% in all categories
            (Commerce Group)
4.         12th Standard                                     
            (Humanities Group)

A common merit list for the entire Circle (including all regions) will be drawn up for each group showing the percentage of marks upto two decimals. The merit list will contain names of the students of all Boards (State Board, CBSE etc.) subject to the minimum % of marks fixed above. The first five students will be sanctioned the awards as follows : -
            1st Position in the Circle                      -           Rs. 6000/-
            2nd  Position in the Circle                    -           Rs. 4800/-
            3rd  Position in the Circle                     -           Rs. 4200/-
            4th Position in the Circle                      -           Rs. 3600/-
            5th Position in the Circle                      -           Rs. 3000/-

If more than one student obtains the same number of marks for the 5th Position, all of them would be given the awards. The number of awards will be accordingly increased in such cases. This work will be handled at the office of the Chief PMG. Where there is no Chief PMG, the office of PMG at the Headquarters of the Circle will attend to this. There will be no pay limit or reservation for the awards. The scheme is open only to the children of the staff. Application of the staff, whose children had appeared for the Board Examinations outside the Circle, will be considered by the Circle in which they are working. The expenditure on these awards is to be met from the allocation from the Circle Welfare Fund for educational schemes and scholarships. The awards under this scheme shall be finalized and announced before 30th September each year.

XII)  Grant of Scholarships – Clarifications.

A number of references are being received for clarifications when a ward after availing scholarship for one course shifts to another course. in this regard the basic principles were laid down in the aforesaid letter issued to Chief Postmaster General, UP Circle, Lucknow. These clarifications are reproduced below:-

I.                   The basic principle to determine the admissibility of scholarship for a particular course after the ward has already received scholarship for the previous course is whether the course for which the scholarship is now being sought is a higher course academically. To illustrate, if the ward of an employee has done B.Sc. and has received scholarship for the course and subsequent gets admitted in an IIT, AIIMS or IIM course he or she should be eligible for the scholarship for entire duration of the courses because these courses are considered higher than the normal degree courses.

II.                Where a ward has switched over  from one course to the other and where it is not possible to decide whether the subsequent course is a higher course, though professionally it may be more is demand, the admissibility of the scholarship for the subsequent course should be decided on the basis of rate of scholarship admissible for the previous as also the subsequent course. To illustrate if a ward has passed B.A. course for which the rate of scholarship is Rs. 80/- per month and subsequently takes up a diploma course which is offered by several institution including ITI, he would be entitled to the difference between the rates of scholarship for the two courses for the simple reason that a diploma course cannot be considered higher than a B.A. or B.Sc. course.

For example, the scholarship for B.A. or B.Sc. course is Rs. 80/- p.m. whereas the same for diploma course is Rs. 100/- p.m. If a person has availed of scholarship for a period in  a year for B.A. or B.Sc. course and then gets admitted in a 3 years diploma course he would be entitled to the difference of Rs. 20/- p.m. for the entire duration of the course.  However, if a person has availed of the scholarship for a B.A.  or B.Sc., course for a period of one year and there after takes admissible in a diploma course, he would be entitled to Rs. 20/- p.m. for the first year of the diploma course. For the remaining two years he will entitled to the amount of Rs. 100/- p.m. as prescribed.

(i)                 There may be instances where a person switches over to an ITI certificate course after availing the scholarship for a B.A. or B.Sc., course. In such cases he would not be entitled to any scholarship for ITI certificate courses because the rate of scholarship for ITI certificate course (Rs. 1400/- p.a.) is less than the scholarship for the B.A. or B.Sc., course. It is, however, clarified that in all such cases the question of making any recovery would not arise.  Rates issued vide dated letter  No. 1-01/2017 – WL & Sports dated 30/31.01.2018

III.           Scholarship for UPSC Examinations

The financial assistance is given to such children of the Postal employees who appear in All India Competitive Examinations held by the UPSC on All India Basis. The terms and conditions for grand of this assistance are as follows : -

i.                    The amount of financial assistance is Rs. 2000/- only

ii.                  There will be no pay limit for grant of this assistance.

iii.                This assistance will be provided only once  to each child. In other words, if she / he does not qualify in examination in the first attempt, similar grant would not

be admissible for 2nd or subsequent attempts. Similarly, if  he /she avails of this facility for one competitive examination, he or she would not be eligible for similar facility for other competitive examinations as well.
iv.                The candidates should have secured a minimum of 60% marks in the examination prescribed as the minimum qualification as a condition of eligibility for taking the competitive examination. However, for Civil Services Examination, this assistance will be granted only on clearing the preliminary examination irrespective of the marks in the qualifying examination.
v.                  While granting financial assistance to an employee an undertaking will be obtained from him/her to the effect that in case his/her ward does not appear in all papers of examination for which assistance has been provided, she/he shall have to refund the whole amount of Rs. 2000/- immediately to the Welfare Fund.
vi.                In case of NDA.IMA Naval Academy Examination, the financial assistance of Rs. 2000/- each would be admissible to the wards of Postal Employees in such cases only where they have qualified in the written examination. The assistance would be for the purpose of preparation for SSB interviews only. There would, therefore, be no condition of securing a minimum of 60% marks in the examination prescribed as the minimum qualification for appearing in those competitive examinations.
XIV) Scholarship for SC/ST employees for departmental examination 
         and   higher education.

As per the above orders SC/ST employees, who are appearing in the Departmental Examinations held by the Department for promotion to various categories will be granted financial assistance to the extent of paying fee for attending the coaching classes for departmental examinations subject to the limits as indicated below : -

a)                              Examination for promotion
to the cadre of IPOs/IRMs/
Inspectors (MMS) / JAO/AAO)                     =          Rs. 1800/-
Examinations and similar cadres

b)                              Examination for promotion
to the cadre of Junior Accountants
in the Postal Accounts, UDCs                                    =          Rs. 1200/-
and other similar cadres

c)                              Examination for promotion
to posts of Postal Assistants,
Sorting Assistants, Sorters                              =          Rs. 900/-
and other similar cadres

The assistance will be provided only once as lump sum for each category of examinations and will be made available through the Heads of Divisions / Units.

The candidates will have to refund the whole amount in case they do not appear in any of the paper (s) of the examinations or they do not secure minimum 25% aggregate marks in the examination. For this purpose an undertaking to this effect will be obtained from them before grant of the financial assistance.

Higher Education : -
            It was also decided to grant financial assistance from the Welfare Fund to SC/ST employees who are pursuing higher academic education through regular classes in evening colleges or through correspondence courses conducted by the recognized Board / University.

The employees appearing in 10th and 12th Std. Examinations will be granted one time financial assistance of Rs. 1200/- and for those pursuing degree / diploma or Post Graduate Degree / Diploma beyond 12th Std., financial assistance will be restricted to the amount of fees Rs. 3000/- per annum. Further this assistance will be restricted to the amount of fees paid for such higher education and will be granted only if the candidate secures minimum of 40% marks in lower pre-requisite examinations. This will be renewed only if the candidate gets through the semester / annual examination.

            There will be no pay limits for grant of the financial assistance for the above purpose.

            The expenditure incurred will be met from the amount of 55% earmarked for scholarship under the welfare fund.

XV) Scholarship for development of individual personality.

            This scholarship is admissible for the courses recognized/approved by the Govt. of India/State Govt. In the field of Personnel and Labour Management, Public Relations, Sociology, Social Work, Sports (NIS), Welfare Accounting, Computer Programming, Industrial Relations and Banking on the terms and conditions as indicated below : -

1.      These awards are for the Post Matric Classes.
2.      Employee has to secure admission on his own. He will not be sponsored by the Deptt. The scholarship will be granted @ 75% of the fee paid by an employee subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/- per annum.
3.      The scholarship is admissible for maximum period of two years and only once during the entire service.
4.      Employees below the age of 35 and drawing basic pay less than Rs. 16,840/- p.m. are eligible. However, the Circle may, at its discretion, consider sanctioning scholarship to the really deserving candidates even beyond maximum age of 35 years.
5.      The crucial date for determining the age and pay will be first July of every year.
6.      The employees will have to avail of his own leave and should meet other costs.
7.      The course should be at a place of duty except in case of NIS, Sports.
8.      The official shall have to execute a bond to serve the Dept. At least 3 years of completion of the course otherwise, he shall have to refund the amount of scholarship awarded to him.
9.      Renewal of the scholarship will be made only if not detained in the first year Annual or Semester examination of the course.
10.  The expenditure on such scholarships will be met from 55% allocation towards scholarships and other educational schemes from Annual Grants of the Circle.
11.  5% of the allocation for educational schemes will be earmarked for this purpose.
12.  The scholarship will be awarded at Circle level provided the above conditions are fulfilled.

XVI)  Grant of Scholarship and transport charges to handicapped (physically challenged) children of Postal Employees.

The scholarships, transport charges, hostel/mess subsidy is being granted to the handicapped (physically challenged), mentally retarded and blind children of the Postal employees from the respective Circle Welfare Funds as per the guidelines mentioned below : -

          Scholarships for physically handicapped /  Mentally retarded  /  blind  / deaf and dumb children are granted @ Rs. 500/- p.m. subject to the following conditions : -
i.                    These  scholarships will be granted for a maximum period of 8 years
ii.                  It will be renewed every year subject of a maximum period of 8 years provided that scholarship will not be paid more than twice for the same class/standard. In other words if a child is not promoted to the next standard the scholarship can be awarded for the first repeat year.

iii.                The scholarship will be admissible to the physically handicapped children with permanent partial disability of at least 40%. However, in case of totally blind, deaf and dumb children no such limit will be applicable. This should be supported by a certificate from a Govt. Medical Officer.
iv.                Staff with lower rate of pay would have preference over those with higher rate of pay.

Transport charges / Hostel / Mess Subsidy

i.                    The benefit of scholarship/transport charges will be admissible to not more than two handicapped children of the same official at a time subject to availability of funds. However, the benefit can be considered to a second ward only if all the applicants for benefit for the first ward have been sanctioned.
ii.                  The rate of grants of transport charges hand hostel/mess subsidy will be as indicated below :

‘A’ Class Cities           Other Cities

i.                    Transport Charges                       Rs. 300/-                    Rs. 250/-
ii.                  Hostel / Mess subsidy                 Rs. 300/-                    Rs. 250/-
( In lieu of Transport Charges)
iii.                The child should be studying in a recognized school/institution.
iv.                The transport charges will be admissible only for students studying in 1st  to 12th standard.
v.                  The transport charges will be admissible only for the period the school/institution remain open and no transport charges will be admissible when the school remain closed or the child remain absent for more than 15 days in a month.
vi.                The transport charges will be admissible only if the child is unable to walk by himself/herself for going to school
vii.              Hostel / Mess subsidy will be granted in lieu of transport charges if the child is staying in Hostel of a recognized institution for the handicapped.
viii.            Transport charges will be admissible for the repeat year if the student is detained in class but not for subsequent repeat years.

XVII)  Financial Assistance for Excursion Trips:-

The department provides subsidy for Excursion Trips towards the fare by surface transport paid by the employees for the trips organized by the Welfare Institution subject to the following conditions :-

i)                    The subsidy to the extent at 60% of the cost of railway fare or journey undertaken by any surface transport will be permissible only in cases of member of staff drawing basic pay up to Rs. 65,200/- p.m.
ii)                  The concession would be admissible to the employees or their family members not more than once in a financial year. Preference in this regard may be given to those who have not availed of the facility even once during the previous years.
iii)                The family members mean husband or wife and sons and daughters of the official solely dependent on him or her.
iv)                The holiday trips will be restricted to the places of religious or tourist importance etc. within  700 Kms from the place of origin of the trip.
v)                  The trips should be organized as part of welfare programs for benefit of the Postal employees and their family members by the Welfare Institutions in the Department after getting prior approval of the Head of the Circle.
vi)                The trip will be spread over a maximum period of 4 – 5 days so that the office work does not suffer.
vii)              Normally not more than two officially sponsored trips will be arranged in a financial year.
viii)            Proper accounts will be maintained in respect of such trips and submitted to the Treasurer of the funds immediately after completion of the journey.

XVIII)  Financial Assistance to the Central Postal Ladies Organization and its subordinate organizations in the Circles.

Central Postal Ladies Organization was established as a society for realization of aims and objectives as contained in its Memorandum of Association. This organization has branches in all the Circles and aims to help Postal Employees in various social objectives by managing Crèches, Tailoring Classes, Canteens etc.
The CPLO gets its income from subscription from member, income from fees, charity, cultural shows, greeting cards, souvenir donation, gifts, grants etc.
The department extends its support to the organization by giving them grants in aid from the Circle Sports Funds. Vide orders dated 01.06.2000 it was decided to give the following grants to CPLO : -
a)      Central Organization Rs. 25,000/-
b)      Circle Organization   Rs. 15,000/-
The above grants are given from the Directorate/Circle Welfare Funds respectively subjected to the organization submitting audited accounts etc. for the previous year indicating full utilization of the grant already given to them.

The above amounts were revised vide order No 1-6/2008-WL/SP dated 27.102008 as below.
c)      Central Organization Rs. 35,000/-
d)     Circle Organization   Rs. 25,000/-
The above enhancement was made subject to other terms and conditions remaining the same as per the previous orders.

XIX)  Financial assistance to Crèches.

No crèches are run by the Department itself. However, it provides financial assistance to the institutions/organizations running crèches as per the scheme incorporated in the orders dated 15.10.79

1)      Non – recurring grant Rs. 60,000/- for starting a crèche
2)      Non – recurring exp of Rs. 20,000/- at the end of every 3 years.
3)      Recurring grant Rs. 1,500/-  per month  per child to the maximum of Rs. 38000/-

It may be mentioned that Govt. assistance can be only on a limited scale and should not induce too much dependence on the part of voluntary organizations should be to utilize the Govt. resources for widening the scope of the programme with increasing voluntary contributions. The organization concerned whenever requesting for the Circle regarding the utilization of grant already given.  An institution in receipt of assistance shall be open to inspection by an officer deputed by the Head of the Circle or the Director General.  The accounts shall always be open to check by an officer deputed by the Head of the Circle or the Director General of Post. The institution shall also maintain a record of all assets acquired

wholly or substantially out of the government grant. Such assets shall not be disposed of, encumbered or utilized for purposes other than those for which grants were given, without prior approval of the Head of the Circle or the Director General Posts. Should the institution / organization cease to exist at any time, such properties will revert to the Department of Posts or disposed of in accordance with Govt. orders.
XX)  Financial assistance to tailoring classes.
Tailoring Centers may be opened in community centers or in the accommodation provided to Recreation Clubs in the P & T Residential colony for the benefit of female trainees. The management of the Center is controlled by Head of the Circle or his nominee as President, on Group ‘B’ Officer to be nominated as Secretary and three members out of which two may be nominated from amongst the residents of the colony and one member may be nominated from the Residents Welfare Association. A non-recurring grant up to Rs. 2500/- for purpose of Sewing Machine according to the requirement on the basis of the number of trainees may be given. This grant was increased to Rs. 5000/- w.e.f. 01.07.90. The part time tailoring teachers were initially entitled to a remuneration of Rs. 150/- to Rs.200/- pm which was increased to Rs. 750/- p.m. with effect from 01.09.99.

XXI)  Holiday Homes
Holiday Homes  have been established throughout the country for the benefit of the Postal employees. At present there  are 37 holiday homes in the various Circles.  List of holiday homes along with their complete address and the controlling officer has been given in the annexure.
Heads of Circle have been delegated financial powers for hiring of accommodation for holiday homes as indicated below. These powers are to be exercised after the Postal Welfare Board approves the proposal for opening of a particular holiday home.
The Heads of Circles were delegated financial power to hire accommodation for holiday homes for Rs. 3000/- p.m. vide this office letter No. 17-5/89-WL / Sports dated 25.7.90.
The Department has revised the financial power delegated to the Heads of Circle and Head of the Department vide O.M.No. 6-14/87-Fin. Coord (Vol.V) dated 26.3.2001 issued by the Finance Advice Wing of the Directorate.
The powers for hiring accommodation for office cum residence purposes as contained in schedule II item No. 7 (b) (vi), is applicable in this case. These powers are as follows : -
For Office – Cum residence financial power of the Head of the Circle as per Classes of Cities.
            AI                    Rs. 25,000/- per month.
            A                     Rs. 20,000/- per month.
            BI                    Rs. 15,000/- per month.
            BI                    Rs. 10,000/- per month.
            B2                   Rs.   8,000/- per month.
  It has been decide to exercise the same financial power for hiring accommodation for holiday homes as has been delegated to the Head of  Circles and Heads of the Department in the Department of Posts as mentioned above, subject to same terms and conditions as laid down in the O.M. dated 26.3.2001, with immediate effect.
            The rent should be approved by the Fair Rent Assessment Committee of the Circle and all formalities and rules will be observed as in case of hiring accommodation for office – cum – residence.
XXII)  Financial assistance to Recreation Clubs.
Consequent on enhancement of the amount of grant – in – aid to the  Recreation clubs in various Ministries / Departments by the Ministry of Finance  the rates of grants – in – aid to the Recreation clubs under the Department of Posts were also enhanced. The rates of matching grant to these clubs were also enhanced as indicated below : -
a)       The rate of Grant – in – aid at present is Rs. 25/- per head per annum
b)       In addition to grant – in – aid, the Recreation Club are provided an additional grant – in – aid upto Rs. 25/- per head per annum to match the subscription collected by the club during the financial year.
c)      A maximum grant of Rs.25000/- instead of Rs.10000/- may be sanctioned (after considering requirement of merits) for setting up of a recreation club

The grant – in – aid is admissible on the basis of total strength of Govt. servants including Gazetted Officers borne on the  strength of a particular organization. grant – in – aid in respect of Gazetted Officer will be admissible only to such clubs where membership is open
to such officers. Gramin Dak Sewaks are not included in the strength of an organization for the purpose of calculating the grant – in – aid or matching grants in this case.
The Recreation Clubs must follow the model-bye-laws as circulated with the aforesaid letter. It should be ensured that the Presidents of the Clubs are nominated as per these model-bye-laws. They will be responsible for proper maintenance of accounts and ensure that the funds allotted to the Recreation Club are spent on such activities as are provided in the model – bye – laws and are in accordance with the instructions issued by the Directorate regarding the purpose for which the grants can be spent.
XXIII) Financial Assistance to Residents Welfare Association:-
               The P&T Resident Welfare Associations are given grants in aid at the rate of Rs.30/- per residential quarter per annum  on submission of duly audited accounts of the association and also ensuring that elections of the Executive Committee are held regularly and properly
XXIV)  Augmentation of Welfare Fund by voluntary contributions from the staff. In the order dated 26.9.1997 it was decided to collect contribution from the Postal Officials for Circle Welfare Fund on voluntary basis at the rate of Rs. 4/- p.m. for Group ‘A’, Rs. 3/- p.m. from Group ‘B’, Rs. 2/- from Group ‘C’ and Rs. 1/- p.m. from Group ‘D’ and GDS. However, in the orders dated 26.4.2002 it was decided that the increase in the present quantum of voluntary contribution, if any, may be decided by the Circles themselves.
XXV)  Prime Minister’s Relief Fund etc. contributions not to be routed through Circle Welfare Fund.
A study of receipt and payment Accounts submitted by the Circles during the last number of years have indicated that many  times transactions other than those relating to Welfare Fund such as Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, Earth quake / Cyclone Relief Fund, Circle Benevolent Fund etc. are transacted through the Welfare Fund Post Office accounts. This violates the Constitution of the Postal Welfare Board, as there is no provision in the Constitution for such transactions. This not only makes the Welfare Fund accounts unrealistic but also complicates the matters unnecessarily. It is, therefore, enjoined that only the funds meant for Welfare as per the constitution of the Fund should be taken into books of the Welfare Fund and transacted through the Post Office Savings Accounts of the Fund.
XXVI)  Grant of advances from the Circle Welfare Fund on behalf of the Central Welfare Fund.
It has also been observed that a few of the Circles provide advances to the employees out of the Circle Welfare Fund on behalf of the Postal Welfare Board. This action of the concerned Circles is  irregular and outside the provisions of the Constitution of the Postal Welfare Board. No such powers have been delegated to the Circles either through the administrative instructions nor such a provision exists in the Constitution of the Postal Welfare Board. It is, therefore, enjoined on all concerned that no advances on behalf of the Central Welfare Board should be given by the Circles.


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