Saturday 25 February 2023

Relaxation in fee charges through SSUP (myAadhaar) portal for Document Update

 Relaxation in fee charges through SSUP (my Aadhaar) portal for Document Update

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Electronics & IT
(Enrolment & Update Division-1)
7th Floor, UIDAI Headquarters,
Behind Kali Mandir, Bangla Sahib Road, Gole Market, New Delhi - 110001 Dated: 23 February, 2023

Subject: Relaxation in fee charges through SSUP (myAadhaar) portal for Document Update - reg.

Ref.1: Notification F. No. HQ-16027/1/2022-EU-I- HQ (No. 6 of 2022) dated 09.11.2022.
Ref.2: O.M. F. No. HQ-16033/1/2020-EU-I- HQ-Part-2 dated 18.10.2022.
In the interest of the residents, UIDAI amended the Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) (Tenth Amendment) Regulations 2022 issued vide Notification under Ref.1, to encourage the residents to keep their documents updated in Aadhaar. This helps in ease of living, better service delivery, enables accurate authentication and continued accuracy of information in the Aadhaar database.

2. As per OM dated 18.10.2022, the service to update the document through myAadhaar portal (SSUP) is chargeable @Rs. 25/-.

3. Now, to encourage more residents to update their documents in Aadhaar, it is decided to provide the service free of cost to the residents through myAadhaar (SSUP) Portal for a period of 03 months starting from 15.03.2023 to 14.06.2023. Accordingly, the facility for document update shall be available free of cost through myAadhaar (SSUP) portal at

4.This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(Prabhakaran C.R.)


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