Monday 20 February 2023

Change of Holidays for Maharashtra - Central Government Employees

 Change of Holidays for Maharashtra - Central Government Employees

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In the meeting of the Central Government Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee, Mumbai held on 25/11/2022 it has been decided to include the following three holidays alongwith 14 compulsory holidays in the Holiday List for the Calendar Year 2023 to be observed in the State of Maharashtra, abiding the directions contained in Office Memorandum bearing F. No.12/5/2022-JCA dated 16/06/2022 issued by the Department of Personnel & Training, New Delhi.


Accordingly, the final List of Holidays to be observed by the Central Government Offices in the State of Maharashtra during the Calendar Year 2023 has been prepared, which is as per Annexure-I and Restricted Holidays to be observed is as per Annexure II. Out of the Restricted Holidays, each employee will be allowed to avail himself/herself of any of two holidays of his/her choice during the year.

2. It has been further decided in the meeting that the following holidays shall be changed subject to the decision of Government of Maharashtra State and such decision shall be final in respect of these holidays :-


(ii)Id-ul-Zuha (Bakri Id)


(iv) Id-e-Milad (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)

3. I am directed to communicate the List of Holidays for the Calendar Year 2023 to all Head of Departments / Offices in Mumbai Region of CGEWCC and CGEWCC, Pune & Nagpur.

Encl: Annexure I & Annexure II.
Jt. Secretary, CGEWCC, Mumbai.

Copy forwarded to :-
1)All Head of Departments / Offices of Government of India in Mumbai as per mailing list.
2)The Chairman, CGEWCC, Pune & Nagpur
3)The Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi.

Jt. Secretary, CGEWCC, Mumbai.

Jt. Secretary, CGEWCC, Mumbai.


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