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Instructions regarding execution of EOY for 2021-22 in CBS office

 Instructions regarding execution of EOY for 2021-22 in CBS office

Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts
(FS Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110001, Dated: 17.03.2022.


Instruction regarding execution of EOY for 2021-22 in CBS offices.

Respected Sir/Madam,

The Competent Authority has taken following decisions for executing End of Year (EOY) activities for 2021-22 in CBS Post Offices/CPCs

i) In view of End of Year Operations, 1st April, 2022(Friday) and 2nd April 2022(Saturday) are declared as no-transaction days and there will be no POSB transaction across counters. A public notice should be put on the notice board of all CBS Post Offices that due to End of Year activities, no POSB transaction will be accepted on 01.04.2022 & 02.04.2022 and interest of MIS/SCSS/TD accounts due on 01.04.2022 & 02.04.2022 will be paid on 04.04.2022(Monday). However, ATMs will be operational on 01.04.2022 and 02.04.2022.

ii) Salary & Pension uploads in HRMS for POSB interface will be processed in CBS after completion of EOD for 31st March 2022 which is expected to be completed by 02.04.2022 late evening. CBS GL Reports in Finacle will be available to users post completion of EOY activities and subsequent EOD of 02.04.2022 only and Daily Reports in CSI I CEPT portal will be available accordingly.

iii) CBS Post Offices should ensure that no account or modification in accounts of SB/PPFISSA/NSS-87/NSS-92 remains unverified as interest posting will not happen for any account with pending verification as on 31.03.2022. Official concerned should be alerted so that such lapses are avoided.

iv) Any IAR entry done from today onwards, should be done with Application Date as 31/03/2022, ensuring that the interest difference is calculated up to 31/03/2022; such entries will get processed during EOY batch execution. Instructions regarding entries done earlier will be shared through CPCs during next week.

v) SB accounts linked with active APY policies, will also be automatically closed if the clear balance is less than the prescribed account maintenance fee and no further deduction of APY premium will be possible. Customers should be advised to maintain minimum balance of Rs.500 + APY premium due in their accounts every month. SMS alert on this point is also being sent to APY subscribers by 20/03/2022.

vi) All CBS Post Offices, on 31.03.2022, should do transactions latest up to 1700 hours and verify all the transactions simultaneously so that there may be no EOD Blocking Transactions at 1700 hours. All CBS Post Offices should complete HISCOD latest by 1800 hours, except those SOLs which wait for special clearing information from the respective HOs/Nodal Offices. CPC should monitor this activity and any blocking validation should be reported to CEPT EOD Team and CEPT Team, immediately on noticing so that solution can be provided well in time.

vii) Nodal office for Cheque clearing viz Chennai GPO should complete the process for cheques presented up to 31.03.2022 before EOD of 31.03.2022 well in time on 31.03.2022 Late clearance activity and corresponding credits/debits should be handled by the HPOs without any delay. (Please note that in case of PPF Accounts maturing on 31.03.2022, cheques cleared up to 31.03.2022 will not be allowed to be credited after (31.03.2022). Cheques cleared on or before 31/03/2022 only will be accounted in PPF accounts. PPF Cheques received on last day will not be accounted for this FY(2021-2022) as clearance of cheques will happen only on 02/04/2022).

viii) Postmaster of HPO will ensure that all cheques accepted on or before 31.03.2022 must be cleared and posted in Finacle before EOD of 31.03.2022.

ix) Chennai GPO will complete all files received for processing through NACH(ACH and APBS) on 31/03/2022 on same day including last session files. In case of heavy receipt of files, processing of files should be completed including returns. Non receipt of files in HEITU/HEIRP/HEGIR should be reported to CEPT team immediately. NACH files will be received on 01/04/2022 also. One day extension to be obtained from NPCI. Chennai GPO will process files of 01/04/2022 immediately after release of system on 02/04/2022. Chennai GPO has to coordinate with CEPT team for processing of these files on 02/04/2022 as returns are to be submitted before 1500 hrs on 02/04/2022.

x) Grid Nodal Office Chennai GPO will ensure that response for Inward clearing files for 31/03/2022 are uploaded well in time on 31/03/2022 before 1300 hrs. HISCOD of 31/03/2022 for Chennai GPO, Mumbai GPO and New Delhi GPO will be initiated by Nodal office in coordination with EOD team after closing of special clearing session. Mumbai GPO and New Delhi GPO will ensure that no blocking validation is available in these SOLSs. Special Clearing session files will be received from 2030 hrs to 2230 hrs. Chennai GPO will ensure that technical validation team is available. Returns for the Special Clearing session are to be uploaded by Chennai GPO within cut off time for the special session. Post completion of special clearing session HISCOD for 31/03/2022 of Chennai GPO , Mumbai GPO and New Delhi GPO to be initiated by Chennai GPO in coordination with CEPT EOD team. Delhi CPC and Maharashtra CPC have to support Chennai GPO for completing HISCOD of 31/03/2022.

Chennai GPO will ensure that technical validation for the Inward Files received on 31/03/2022 night shift (for settlement date 02/04/2022) is completed on 31.03.2022 / 01.04.2022 in CTS application. Technical validation team will escalate issues if any in API to CTS and CEPT teams immediately. 01/04/2022 will be clearing holiday. Chennai GPO will coordinate v CEPT team on 02/04/2022 and ensure that returns for Inward clearing settlement date 02/04/2022 is submitted within time.

Cheques scanned on 31/03/2022 special clearing session will be regularized on 31/03/2022 by Nodal Office Chennai GPO.

Chennai GPO will ensure that the regularization of cheques scanned on 30/03/2022 is done on 31/03/2022. Returns for the Cheques scanned on 31/03/2022 normal outward clearing session will be received only on 02/04/2022 (value date - 02/04/2022)

xi) CEPT Team will be disabling certain menus according to the requirements during EOY Batch execution to control resource utilization; CPCs will be kept informed from time to time on this and should coordinate with their SOLs & update them whenever found necessary.

xii) On submission of HISCOD on 31.03.2022, users of the SOLs will be disabled and no further transactions will be allowed till completion of EOY activities.

xiii) All the concerned teams who are part of EOY activities (CPC SPOCs, EOD Support Team, CEPT Team) should be available and ensure that EOY activities are completed smoothly.

xiv) Reports on Annual interest Posting, Silent Account Marking, Account maintenance Fee, Closure of zero balance accounts will be shared through CPCs from 06.04.2022. In case of SB accounts having balance above 15 Lakhs and above, interest posting is to be followed by Debit-Freeze. On circulation of the list of accounts post-EOY, concerned DO has to verify the genuineness of such account balances and unfreeze them after due scrutiny. In case of SB accounts having balance above 1 crore, no posting of interest will take place which is followed by Total-Freeze

Instructions for CPCs:

i) CPCs should call post offices under their jurisdiction on 31.03.2022, help in any blocking validations and ensure smooth completion of HISCOD.

ii) HSCOD will be executed by CEPT team centrally; CPC teams should be available till HSCOD is completed for all their respective SOLS.

iii) All CPCs will remain open during the night of 31.03.2022 and duties of staff should be notified in shifts.

Circles/Regions/Divisions should ensure that these instructions are followed scrupulously by all CBS Post Offices and CPCs.

 (Pawan Kumar Singh)
Copy to:
1. The Chief General Manager, CEPT / Director CPET, Chennai for information and necessary action.


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