Tuesday 9 July 2019

Launch of e-dakiya app in Haryana Circle

Launch of e-dakiya app in Haryana Circle

Under the mentorship of Smt Ranju Prasad, CPMG Haryana and guidance of Sh. Nirmal Singh, DPS HQ, our team of Haryana Circle has developed e-डाकिया Mobile Application which is real time and most advanced in comparison to existing Postman application of CEPT.  On 08.7.2019 ,this app is launched in Ambala City HO on trial basis and the same will be extended to after successful results.  e-Dakiya app has the unique features which are as under :-

1.   Live tracking of Postman as well as articles will be available for customers through http://haryanapost.gov.in/, which is similar to the live tracking in food delivery apps
  1. Delivery can take place, even if SAP is not working, and will be updated whenever SAP restored.
  1. Reduction in customer complaints and enhancement of satisfaction as Post office/Divisional Office/Circle office has been provided a web login through which they can provide the copy of signatures, latitude and latitude for the delivered article.
4.   Each and every delivered article through this app, will be visible in SAP and IndiaPost website within 1-3 hours and on real time basis on haryanapost.
  1. If non Bulk Addressee, receives more than one articles, the same can be delivered with one signature only.
6.    No requirement of decentralized SQL server at Post office level and mobile connectivity through OTG Cable.
7.     Special Delivery slips with embedded signature of customers, can be printed out, at any time in Post office login itself, however the same can be stored in soft copy to save papers.

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