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Sh. P.K.Bisoi,
The Member (Personnel)
                        Postal Services Board,
                        Postal Directorate, New Delhi-110001

No.     CHQ/POA/1-71/2018-19                                                        Dated 22.07.2019

Sub.: Non-settlement of Issues pertaining to PS Group B officers arises due to placing IPs and ASPs in the same scale and out of the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission.

Respected Sir,

As you are aware, I along with my deputy had a brief discussion with your kind honour in the month of April 2019 with the request to settle our long pending anomalies but these are still unsettled. Sir, the DoPT has already decided the matter on similarly placed cases favouring almost all the department including CBDT and CBEC but is silent to extend the benefit to the PS Group B officers. Whereas, the IPs promoted/joined after 1-1-2006 had already got fixture with consequential benefit but far-far seniors who are now working in PS Group “B” are being deprived of the benefit given under 6th pay commission thereby placing all seniors at disadvantageous position. Following issues are again brought to your kind notice for early redressal.

1.         Non-grant of appropriate level to the PS Group B officers promoted after 1-1-2012 and fixture of pay even after completion of four years of regular service.

On the recommendation of 7th CPC, the G.O.I has accepted the grant of a higher pre-revised Grade Pay of Rs 5400 in PB-2 of Rs 9300-34800 with effect from 01-01-2016 to PS Group “B” officers but in the pay fixture Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- has been simply replaced with GP Rs 5400/- without allowing the benefit of pay fixation of FR 22 (I) (a) (1). It is so because as per 6th CPC orders for pay fixture under FR 22(1) (a) (1) was otherwise made applicable & admissible in GP of Rs. 5400/- (level 9) after rendering 4 years of service in GP of Rs.4800/-(level 8). When level 8 has been upgraded to level 9 apparently level 9 required up-gradation at the level 10. But contrary to it the benefit of NFSG has been suddenly stopped to Group B officer without any reason or speaking orders. Thus, all the officers who have been promoted after 01-01-2012 have been put to a loss of getting pay fixture benefit as required under FR 22(1) (a) (1) even after four years of service for which this association has raised this issue several times referring Ministry of Finance vides letter No. 26017/219/2016- Ad.II.A dated 10-4-2017 (copy enclosed as Annex) wherein it is clarified to the revenue department that since 7thCPC recommended only normal replacement pay level for Superintendents so NFSG introduced on the basis of 6th CPC recommendation will continue under 7thCPC regime by replacing the pay structure of pay band and Grade Pay with the corresponding Pay Levels/ Cells in Pay Matrix. Apparently, NFSG benefit when allowed in all the cadres leaving PS Group B alone which is discriminatory.

As such orders for grant of NFSG should be allowed to eligible PS Group B officers on completion of four years of service in Group ‘B’ with corresponding pay levels/cells in Pay Matrix. It is pertinent to mention here that NFSG is being allowed in all the cadres as given in the recommendation of 6th CPC. Hence putting PS Group B officers of the Department of Posts at a disadvantageous and detrimental position by not extending the benefit of NFGP is a great injustice. It is unambiguously clear from various GoI notifications that PS Group B officers are eligible for grant of non-functional up-gradation after four years of regular service in PS Group “B” by replacing the pay structure of Pay Band and Grade Pays with corresponding Pay Levels/Cells in Pay Matrix with all consequential benefits.

This Association has already submitted anomaly letter requesting for appropriate orders. It is therefore urged to kindly intervene and get the benefit extended to Group B officer of DOP also as did in other cadres in our department and officers of other departments too. 

2.         Request for redefining the financial benefits in term of 2nd ACP and 3rd MACP at appropriate GP to senior IPs/ASPs , consequent upon placing IPs & ASPs in the same GP of  4600/- w.e.f 1-1-2006.

        Sir, Due to hierarchical problem another anomaly occurred as a result of placing IPs and ASPs at the identical level of 4600/- w.e.f 1-1-2006 consequent upon implementation of the court case. These orders nullified the promotion of ASPs (Gazetted) and placed ASPs now working as PS Group B officer in a detrimental and disadvantageous position. Whereas 7th pay commission treated both the cadres as separate cadre and accordingly placed IPs in GP of Rs. 4600/-, ASPs in 4800/-.  

          Furthermore, consequent upon placing ASPs and IPs in the same GP of 4600/- corresponding to the old pay scale of 7450-225-10500 that ASPs never enjoyed even prior to 1-1-2006, the promotion already given to ASPs in the lower scale of 6500-200-10500 has become redundant and need to be discarded. No benefit either in the same scale of 6500 or higher scale of 7450-225-10500 was ever given in pay fixture as on 1-1-2006.  As clarified in DoPT OM No. 35034/1/97-Estt (D) (Vol. IV) dated 12.02.2000 and 18.7.2001, the ASPs are apparently eligible for 2nd ACP in the scale of 7500-250-12000 (GP of 4800/-) on completion of 24 years serviceOn the introduction of MACP, the ASPs become eligible for 3rd MACP on completion of 30 years of service in the GP of Rs.5400/-.

          In view of the clarifications issued by Directorate and DoPT, there is a need to conduct review DPC for grant of ACP-II in the GP of Rs. 4800/- from 1-1-2006 for those who completed 24 years of service as on 1-1-2006 and 3rd MACP in the GP Rs.5400/- on completion of 30 years of service with all consequential benefits. This association has already urged the directorate to issue orders for review DPC which is covered under the rules.

The Association requests your kind honour to kindly intervene and get the favorable orders issued on both the matters. Postal Officer Association will be thankful to you and you will see that the enthusiasm of the hard-working people is prevailing after getting justice with your act of kindness.

It is also requested that members of Postal Officers Association may kindly be given personal hearing on any convenient date so that we may put forth our demands in person. 

With warm regards and sincere thanks

Yours faithfully

(R N Yadav)
General Secretary
Postal Officer Association


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