Saturday, 3 March 2018

Customer creation in SAP in CSI

Customer creation in SAP in CSI

Step 1:- Click on SAP Logon from desktop & click on CRP.

Step:-Login with authorized username & password

Step 3:-You’ll be logged in to CRM.

Step 4:-Click Start the webclient UI

Step 5:-It will redirect to CRM webpage, login with same credentials again

Step 6:-Login page will appear as below.

Step 7:-Click on account management & select corporate account.

Step 8:-Corporate customer creation->enter full name,account group. Select Customer type depending upon the customer, address line 1, address line2,Legacy customer id(registered customers BNPL and Advance), city, pin code, country,region,language,post office and press Enter.

Step 9:-Click on the Change Template

Step 10 :-Click on Ok

Step 11:-Click on the Edit

Step12:- Go to the billing tab and click on the own data. Selectthe customer group depending upon the customer type and click on back button to save.

Step 13 :-Go to Tax classification, click on the help button at Tax Type id and select all the applicable taxes.

Tax Group is selected as full for all the taxable customers and it is selected as NONE for all the non-taxable customers.

Select all the applicable taxes.

Step 14: Click on save button customer id is created.


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