Sunday 10 September 2023

Migration from NPS to CCS (Pension) Rules – DoP&PW Success Story

 Migration from NPS to CCS (Pension) Rules – DoP&PW Success Story

DoP&PW – Success Story

3. Migration from NPS to CCS (Pension) Rules

Shri Tanoj Kumar Debnath, a military pensioner, was reemployed in the Air HQ on 29.04.2004. Since he was appointed after 01.01.2004, he was inducted into National Pension System. He retired as Supdt (ST) on 30.11.2016.

Selection of Shri Debnath for appointment in Air HQ was made before 01.01.2004. Therefore, in accordance with Department of Pension & PW’s OM No. 57/04/2019-P&PW (B) dated 17.02.2017, his request for grant of pension under CCS (Pension) Rules was approved by the Air HQ on 21.09.2020.

Shri Debnath registered a grievance no. DOPPW/E/2022/35497 at CPENGRAMS portal on 17.11.2022 for commencement of pension under CCS (Pension) Rules, as per decision of Air HQ dated 21.09.2020. The Grievance was taken up for consideration in the Pension Adalat on 17th May, 2023.

Department of Military Affairs informed that the petitioner has refunded the entire NPS corpus (including 60% lump sum) and the administrative action for sanction of pension under CCS (Pension) Rules has been completed. Department was advised that only the Government contribution in NPS corpus along with interest at GPF rate is required to be recovered from the petitioner. Department was advised to work out the exact amount of the NPS corpus to be refunded and then make necessary adjustments (refund or recovery).

Department has worked out pension under CCS (Pension) Rules and adjustments to be made from NPS corpus and is 1n the process of issuing necessary orders in this respect.



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