Saturday 6 August 2022

Meeting with secretary post and DG post by union leaders about Strike on 10.08.2022

 Meeting with secretary post and DG post by union leaders about Strike on 10.08.2022

we are neither satisfied with the written reply of the Dept nor with the meeting. All seemed most superficial and contradictory to us. Of-course we have expressed our sincere to our highest level officers that they have seriously taken our Strike and arranged meetings etc. But we have  assessed everything based on role, policy offensives  of present C.Govt. We are preparing a note where we will clear the basic points.

In short I am to mention Dept is telling that there would be no Corporatization. At the same time common service centres, village level entrepreneur are being implemented. The report of Task Force Committee is still there. Attacks  an our delivery system as well as RMS/ MMS are still continued at large. When in 2001, the then Govt finished the govt monopoly of Telecom Dept then also the Govt announced that they had no intention to corporatize the Telecom Dept.

It is told that the IPPB Ltd will only provide technological support with POSB. Is it at all believable ? Then how will it provide banking services?  From which source IPPB will get money to sanction loan as contemplated ? 

Other sectional issues of all cadres in Postal Dept are there, which are remaining unsettled for long. Yesterday also one order has been issued cancelling our leaves in coming days.

However, no question to come back from and withdraw the Strike call. So all are requested to intensify  STRIKE CAMPAIGN. Use effectively every moment of the remaining days. 

We have to keep in mind that NFPE is a class oriented militant organisation. To save our Dept also all cross sections of Postal Employees including GDS, casual, part-time, DRM against the policies of the present Govt, Struggle followed by Strike( when it really requires as of now on 10 August 2022) is the only alternative. NFPE is committed to that for ever.

Kindly take this STRIKE as our Struggle for existence. To save our Dept there is no alternative except STRIKE.

We think FNPO will also think likewise, particularly when we deferred Strike Date from 4 th August to 10 August considering their ( FNPO) requests. 

Comradely yours

Dear all
Today (05.08.2022) meeting chaired by  DG Post and later Secretary also joined. DG expressed that due to MoC online meeting with all HOC's and told that PM is having positive view about Department of Posts and there is no proposal of corporatisation and agreed to give it same reply in minutes also. SG FNPO and GS NAPEc submitted following letters and demanded for reply in the today's minutes and DG Posts agreed to do so. In other demands also they expressed willingness to resolve soon what are under their purview. 
So after receipt of the minutes of today's meeting then only can take a decision..plz wait and till such time please go ahead as per JCA program. 

B.Sivakumar SG FNPO
And affiliated General Secretaries



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