Thursday, 30 December 2021

#Promotion : Do You Know That Paper Sweet (Puthareku) Is One Of The Best Sweets You Could Ever Eat?

 #Promotion : Do You Know That Paper Sweet (Puthareku) Is One Of The Best Sweets You Could Ever Eat?

Paper sweet, more commonly known as puthareku is predominantly made in Andhra Pradesh. Puthareku is originally prepared in Atreyapuram village of Andhra Pradesh. It is said that the best paper sweet in the country are made in Atreyapuram.

It is a kind of sweet which is made from Rice flour, Sugar/Jaggery, Ghee and Dry fruits. Thin layers of rice flour batter are elegantly rolled along with sugar/jaggery, ghee and dry fruit stuffing.

It is one of the most liked desserts of the local people. When you put the sweet in your mouth, the sweet literally melts as soon as it touches your tongue. It is an absolutely delightful experience to eat a paper sweet and to eat a puthareku made in atreyapuram is a heavenly experience.

These heavenly paper sweets (Pootharekulu) could only be eaten when you visit atreyapuram village which most of us don't do in our lifetime. Thanks to the digital revolution and our friends at atreyapuram, you can buy and enjoy the heavenly taste of atreyapuramputharekulu right from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Our friends at atreyapuram, who are one of the oldest manufacturers of the delightful paper sweet, have now started selling the paper sweet online via their website

As an initial offer, they are selling the putharekulu for the same price which they sell at their village and they are also shipping the sweet all over India through India Post and other courier services without any extra delivery charges.

And as a launching offer, exclusive for our blog visitors, they are offering a discount of flat 10%.

To claim this discount, use the code SAPOST at checkout. 


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