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7th Pay Commission: Latest news, Pay hike talks failing

7th Pay Commission: Latest news, Pay hike talks failing

7th Pay Commission
Dark Diwali for Central employees without hike | Oneindia News It is a dark Diwali 2017 for Central Government employees waiting for some good news after the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission was cleared. The issue relating to a rise in the basic minimum pay has remained static after the recommendations. The pay hike of Rs 18,000 was a horror and a nightmare and CG employees had been left frustrated.

Dark Diwali for CG employees 
As stated above the basic minimum pay hike was at Rs 18,000. Employees have been demanding that it be hiked to Rs 26,000. The government has refused to budge on this issue and is sticking to its guns. During the meetings with officials, the government has cited a financial crunch for not budging on its stand.

Talks are failing
The talks are clearly failing with the government. Several rounds of talks have been held between the unions and the government, but the government continues to remain adamant. It is a dark Diwali 2017 for all CG employees who would have expected the fitment factor to be raised from 2.57 to 3.68 times. The government has however maintained that the fitment factor at best can be raised to 3.

CG employees can’t celebrate Diwali 2017 
The Cabinet had given the nod for an overall 23.55 per cent increase in salaries, allowances and pension. What shocked the CG employees is that the minimum pay of Rs 18,000 remained unchanged. The employees will observe Dharna day and have questioned how can they celebrate Diwali with such low pays. 

Latest updates on 7th Pay Commission and NAC meet 
The NAC meet is scheduled to be held this month. While employees have been arguing for a better pay raise so that they can make two ends meet and feed their families, the government has made it clear that the pay hike at the best would be at Rs 21,000. This is the final decision the government says and would be implemented in January. However the icing on the cake is that the pay is most likely to be variable.

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